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Bruins Relieve Claude Julien Of Coaching Duties


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wow both Gallant and Julien on the market. There hasn't been this many quality coaches available for quite some time.


2 minutes ago, AlwaysACanuckFan said:

I bet they are dancing in the Vegas front office! 

And you would have to think in Jim Benning's office as well.. although I don't think Julien is our guy.

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4 minutes ago, GarthButcher5 said:

Julien sure has had an impressive run over the last 10 years as the Bruins coach.


I respect his success but as has been said, I don't think he is the guy for the Canucks.

Plus I don't see Julien having Canucks high on his list as there will be better opportunities out there. He will take his time as he's still going to be paid for another year. 

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51 minutes ago, mll said:

Wow the timing.  Not very elegant.

Today is the Patriots parade.

Great day to bury the story from the Bruins' perspective.

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32 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Julien threw management under the bus, by saying there wasn't enough talent.


There isn't much more in Vancouver, Garth is right, he's not the right coach for the Canucks. 

He's not entirely wrong though


They shipped out everyone of note including Seguin then couldn't re-sign the only viable return piece in Eriksson, Leddy Ference and Boychuk are gone, Seidenberg and Lucic.  Chara went downhill fast as well


He in 3 years was left with an aged Chara, Bergeron Marchand and the oft injured Krejci from the 2011 cup win and subsequent finals appearance shortly after.  I mean looking at it wow it was fast.


That being said, he couldn't really get much out of the newcomers or change his style of play.  So it's on him.  He won't be unemployed long.


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