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Should Miller be re-signed or traded?


Ryan Miller future with Canucks?  

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Ryan Miller is having one of his best years in a long time.


He probably should be considered at Team MVP at this point.


As long as he's not overplayed, he comes up with a solid effort.


Technically he's as good as he's been.


But time marches on...  maybe he'll be over the hill next year.... Daniel looked good last year.  ;)


On the other hand, is Markstrom ready yet?  I think Markstrom needs another year as a backup.  That extra year would also give Demko one more year in Utica to develop the good habits he needs to succeed in the NHL.


And there's also the fact this year is not the deepest draft... so the pick the Canucks might get for Miller might not result in a real prospect.




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Well management will see the younger players on the team have improved.  So they will go into next season with a realistic goal to make the playoffs.

I think making the playoffs would be a much safer bet next year with Miller.  

This was year 3...the year Miller was suppose to gradually play less and less, Markstrom to take over.....that hasn't happened.

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I like Miller, think he's a great goalie at times. I wish Markstrom would get more starts, otherwise I can't see Markstrom being handed the reigns next season. My guess is they'll re-sign Miller for one more year, but I wish they would play Markstrom more and trade Miller for a 1st.

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What we should do and what is going to actually happen are 2 different things. 


We will probably miss the playoffs and Miller will walk. 


In reality though, who cares? Getting a few draft picks isn't going to define the franchise in this draft anyway. If he wants to go then fine, but otherwise I'm warming up to the idea of treating our players with respect. It might be far more valuable down the road than a couple 3rds in a ghetto draft. 

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