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Misheard Lyrics Thread.


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42 minutes ago, gurn said:


Baking carrot biscuits


Elton John

Hold me closer Tony Danza

Benny has tourettes

Also from Bennie has Tourette's, 

"she's got electric boobs, a bowl of soup, I read it in a magazineeeen ohh ohhhhh ya, ba ba ba ba benny has Tourette's"

dant dant danna dant

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The Classics:


"Smokehouse Walter, the fire engine guy" - Deep Purple

"There's a bathroom on the right" - CCR

"'scuse me while kiss this guy" - Jimi Henrix

"Let's pee in the corner...let's pee in the spotlight" - REM

"I'll never leave your pizza burnin'" - Stones

"Ain't Taco Bell love" - VH

"Lock the cashbox, lock the cashbox" - Clash


 plus pretty much anything by Ozzy or Nirvana


And the all time classic Canadian Anthem:

"We stand on cars and freeze"!

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Jeremy - Pearl Jam


Jer-em-y spoke in class today

Jer-em-y smoking his last leaf


Tom Cochrane - Big Leagues


Sometimes I can hear the ice crack

Sometimes I can hear my ass crack sounds like thunder and rips through my pants




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The Middle - Jimmy Eat World


Little girl, you're in the middle of the ride
Everything, everything will be just fine
Everything, everything will be all right


Little girl you're an alkaline

Elephant, Elephant will be all white

Elephant, Elephant will be all white



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