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The bench at Pat Quinn Statue


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I just read the article about Pats new statue.Him with the lineup card is cool.I found the most fascinating part the bench beside him.I didn't know he sat on one outside Canada Place and talked to any athlete reguardless of sport when he was in Salt Lake.In that vain,if you could sit on that bench and talk to the big Irishman about the Canucks and about one concern you have with the team right now,what would you say?


  I'll start.I know the list is long but my one massive concern(and would be Pats as well) is what a pansy pushover team they have become.God it's embarrassing having to argue with people about this issue these days.I get we have our fair share of Swedes on this team.They are known for skill over physicality.Look,Tryamkin needs to be shown it's ok to put a player into someones popcorn in the second row.Our 4th line pisses me off to no end.They hit like a Nurf pillow.I guarantee if Pat lead this group there would be quite a few players down the road starting with the entire fourth line.I live in Calgary and I am no fan of the Flanes but give me a Ferland any day ending in y over half the players on this team.Whoever believes this league should be just about skill now and take out the physicality must be leading the Canucks organization.The Big Irish would be chewing his cigar down to tobacco dust if he was watching this team today.

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