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[Waivers] Bryan Bickell

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1 hour ago, nazzymx said:

Much better than Megna and Chaput together

First of all no... not at all.... maybe back in 2011 when he scored 37 points and didn't have a 4mill cap hit

So unless you have a time machine, what you said is wrong



Good - hated him since the early chicago days, hope he's done in the nhl 

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4 hours ago, WillyFox said:

solid player I would take a flyer on him. We have the money to burn so why not.

Correction, was a solid player.  We may have money but that doesn't mean we should just burn it up on a high priced vet with health issues who is past his best before date.  GCG!

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5 hours ago, Chris said:

Overpaid Plug taking the spot of a young player?



I'd agree unless he takes Megna's spot.  Since our coach insists on dressing complete garbage and is unlikely to bench his plugs, bringing in a better plug isn't going to help.  Boucher would be the one sitting unless we get a real coach.

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Would like to think that out of respect of Bickell and his family, regarding his situation, and realizing he has recently been diagnosed with MS,. That he is allowed to have some ownership and decision making, for the situation that is best for himself.

Even though this is a buissiness, it seems as though Bickell's career sits on the horizon.

Best Wishes to Him, stay strong, and if another cup run is in the cards for him, the best of luck.

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