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College player decks ref to the ice

Rocky Balboa

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ban that kid from playing hockey for life!!!


In all honesty though, wouldn't that be an assault? That's absolutely vicious and has to be borderline assault. Kids gonna have a very tough future ahead of him, if he has any left. At least in hockey.

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BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - SUNY Broome Police are investigating an incident in which an Erie Community College hockey player is seen on camera attacking a referee.

The incident happened in the final seconds of the National Junior College Athletic Association [NJCAA] championship game between  E.C.C. and Dakota College.  With the game coming to an end and E.C.C. trailing, Brandon Day, a freshman from West Seneca, stormed out of the penalty box and took a referee to the ice. He was charged with a ten-minute match penalty for abusing an official.

Here's the incident.

Erie Community College (NJCAA) player storms out of penalty box to level referee late in 3rd period, ending national title game pic.twitter.com/UuJYjSER3K

— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) February 26, 2017

The game was called after the incident occurred and Day was taken into custody by the SUNY Broome Police.

As of 9:00 p.m. on Sunday evening, Day remains in custody. 

Police tell 7ABC that the incident is still under investigation and couldn't confirm anything more.

Not only is his playing days probably done, but his future outside the sport is going to be at risk too.  Goodluck getting into any new profession with a criminal record kid.

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14 minutes ago, CRAZY_4_NAZZY said:



Not only is his playing days probably done, but his future outside the sport is going to be at risk too.  Goodluck getting into any new profession with a criminal record kid.

He'll get community service, court ordered anger management counseling, and probation and if it's his first offense, it will be wiped from his record if he successfully completes the probation.  They won't ruin a kid's life over an emotional p*ss poor decision made during a hockey game.


Erie Community College is Buffalo's local 2-year jr. college.  I had no idea that they were even playing for a national championship this year.

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Seriously, we've all been pi**ed at refs and wanted to run them, slew foot, something to get back at them for their BS.... But this kid had just spent at least two minutes in the box- "cool down time".


Did he really spend that two minutes stewing over a bad call and planning his attack? I love the emotion, kinda, but really kid... if you ever get to play league hockey again, use those two minutes to settle yourself, not to premeditate some self defeating assault.

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9 hours ago, Neversummer said:

  ... he waddles when he skates. 


34 minutes ago, canuck204 said:

That guy looked like some of the "retarded" kids that I grew up playing with. Looks like he barely knew how to skate. lol... derp

For all we know, he could have injured a groin, thigh, ankle, etc. just before he got tossed in the sin bin...

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On 2/26/2017 at 6:49 PM, Drive-By Body Pierce said:

^^ :lol:


Looked like he wanted to push the ref, and just get his point across, but did so with a little too much force...and the ref may have smacked his head on the ice. I hope the ref is OK! And little Johnny Knockaround gets his due suspension.

?? Watched it a few times and he definitely went all out trying to knock the ref out.

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Looks like the offending player got suspended from school for a week along with some charges, although they don't sound that harsh.  I'm not that familiar with the US legal system though.  




BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Erie Community College's President Jack Quinn confirmed Monday that a student hockey player has been suspended for one week after hitting at referee at the end of a hockey game Sunday.

Earlier Monday, Quinn and ECC's athletic director released statements after a member of the college's hockey team, Brandon Day, of Cheektowaga, knocked a referee to the ice during Sunday's incident at SUNY Broome Community College in Binghamton.  

Day, who met with college administrators Monday, also faces criminal charges in connection with the incident. 

A Sports Illustrated video shows the hockey player coming out of the penalty box, skating directly to a referee, and knocking him to the ice during a NJCAA Championship game against Dakota College of Bottineau. 
SUNY Broome Community College officials say the incident, which occurred with just 39 seconds left in the contest, happened at about 5:45 p.m. and the referee, a Binghamton resident, had been blindsided by the hit. A team doctor evaluated him at the SUNY Broome Ice Center.

"The act of one player is in no way indicative of our mission as an educational institution, and it does not personify the cordiality and dedication to service instilled in our student body," Quinn said. “We regret that this instance marred an otherwise thrilling game between our student athletes and those of Dakota College of Bottineau, and we will handle this situation with all appropriate disciplinary actions.” 

He also issued an apology on behalf of the college's trustees and the entire ECC community. 

ECC Athletic Director Peter Jerebko also expressed his regrets for the incident Sunday evening. 

"Our hockey program is one of great sportsmanship both on and off the ice, but last night’s incident was not indicative of that tradition," he said. "It was the act of a single individual who, today, is deeply remorseful, and is in the process of reaching out to both host Broome County Community College and the game’s official. We join him in this remorse, and extend it to the National Junior College Athletic Association, BCCC, champions Dakota College of Bottineau, and the game’s entire officiating crew. This behavior was completely unacceptable, and it will not be tolerated within our athletic program.”    

"The student athlete is extremely remorseful and plans to express that to referee as well," Quinn told WGRZ-TV Monday Afternoon.

In the  meantime, Quinn says he can only hope what he described as the rouge conduct of a single student athlete will not result in any sanctions against the ECC Hockey program by officials with the National Junior College Athletic Association.

"We just don;t know yet," said Quinn. "We've had an excellent program, and this is the only incident like this which has ever occurred. So we hope for the best," Quinn said.

Broome County Sheriff's deputies have charged Day with a misdemeanor count of fourth-degree criminal mischief, along with disorderly conduct and second-degree harassment, which are both violations and the legal equivalent of a traffic ticket. He will appear in the Town of Dickinson Court at 4 p.m. March 21. The incident is still being investigated and more charges are possible. 

"I've never seen anything like it," said Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, who is himself a longtime coach of youth Hockey.

"This might be the end of his (Day's) hockey career... a lot of coaches will not take a chance on a player who has demonstrated an ability to just explode like that," Poloncarz said.

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