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College player decks ref to the ice

Rocky Balboa

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On 2/26/2017 at 8:31 PM, luckylager said:

Seriously, we've all been pi**ed at refs and wanted to run them, slew foot, something to get back at them for their BS.... But this kid had just spent at least two minutes in the box- "cool down time".


Did he really spend that two minutes stewing over a bad call and planning his attack? I love the emotion, kinda, but really kid... if you ever get to play league hockey again, use those two minutes to settle yourself, not to premeditate some self defeating assault.


Indeed.  Should do what I did....hit them with your clearing attempt when you're up by a few goals.....   

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this just in from toronto,he did not target the head or leave his feet therefore it was a clean hit and no suspension is required.professor pronger did admit it was interference because the ref did not have the puck at the time.  

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