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Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

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I'm glad Dahlen is starting to pick up the offence. 

He's a smart, skilled player with a ton of heart, he just isn't especially mature physically.

But, like Quinn Hughes, he strikes me as a player whose effectiveness will increase exponentially when surrounded with other skilled players. 

He would be tearing up the SHL right now, I'm sure of it.

But he's learning how to grind in the A, and it's a good place for him at this stage in his development.

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I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Pettersson does a similar thing for Timra. It does go to show how valuable Dahlen was to that team during their season last year and eventual promotion to the SHL. It has to be tough for him to see them struggle this year and possibly face relegation the very next year.

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On 1/29/2019 at 9:26 PM, stawns said:

guys have made hall of fame careers on that ability alone.


JD's season has met, maybe exceeded, my expectations for a very young international player in his rookie AHL season.  

Would like to hear your opinion on Dahlen's

1. defensive game

2. speed, Does he have enough speed for Travis Green's up-tempo game?

3. physical strength. Do you see Dahlen's physical strength improved compared to the beginning of the season?

4. shot. Does he have an accurate , strong shot?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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17 hours ago, joe-max said:

Just checked the SHL standings. Timra without Dahlen are dead last and Vaxjö without EP is 9th after winning the title last year.

Yeah, Timrå and Växjö are certainly missing Dahlén and Pettersson. It also doesn’t help that Växjö lost their 3 highest scorers, with Calof and Rosén both heading to the KHL (and Pettersson to the NHL). Timrå, I think, was always going to be in tough this year, as promoted teams generally struggle and find themselves fighting relegation. But there’s no doubt Dahlén would have helped them and is sorely missed.

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