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Most hapless team?

Johnny Shotgun

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Would it be the the Bruins or Rangers from the original six?  Or the the Vancouver version of the Canucks?  Discount the useless US cities ie Atlanta 2x..Phoenix...etc... Bettman convinced to buy into his financial hockey world.  Lov'm or hate'm this club is bad. Really bad.  Actually a joke since 1970 in Canada's hockey circles.

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Washington or the Sharks if they don't win the Cup with their current group.  Both teams are stacked but have been perennial chokers.  The Caps in particular will need to blow it up after this year, as they 10 free agents (R.F.A. or U.F.A.).

Blues as well, they've always been the bridesmaid but never the bride, against teams like the Hawks in the Central Division.  Watching important players (Backes, Brouwer last year, Shattenkirk this year) leave and who knows how long their window stays open for (Allen is barely holding down the fort, Elliott was good in the system but couldn't get it done).

Dallas (strong offensively, kryptonite in goal) and the Rangers (just can't beat the Pens, wasting Lundqvist's prime) and the Habs (ref. the Rangers, but with Price; they do have Weber and Radulov, we'll have to see how far they get) also, as teams with contending potential which just can't get it done.

Most other teams just circulate between being very good and in need of retooling.

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