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Nikolay Goldobin | LW/RW


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So I wonder if Goldobin reports to Utica, or to Vancouver?


15 minutes ago, Odd. said:


And keep in mind that was 2 years ago. His defensive game may still need a lot of work, but he sure knows how to put points up in the AHL. I'm looking forward to seeing how he looks on the ice.

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3 minutes ago, Sygvard said:

There are a lot of sad people on the Sharks blog. It makes my heart happy, as sad as I am to see Hansen go. My favorite comment is:


"Dis. . .belief? gust? heartened? I am Dis-something"


And of course the article head:


"Trade Reaction: Sharks Badly Overpay to Acquire Jannik Hansen"


I think we won one boys. Thanks a million Honey Badger. You did us proud. 

I just got a text from a buddy who is a raging Sharks fan. After calming down from immediate disbelief he shared that he's not terribly upset since he likes Hansen, but he was definitely looking forward to Goldobin making the Sharks. 

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3 minutes ago, Fanuck said:

Put this kid on a line with Virt in Utica and get their mojo going right now. 


Nikolay is supposedly a phenomenal playmaker and Virt has the shot to compliment that! 

He's playing next game vs Sharks

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