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Did Benning/Canucks win trade deadline day?


Did Canucks & Benning win trade deadline?  

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25 minutes ago, Toni Zamboni said:

it only works if the poll is public...you can ask the op to edit it to make the voters view-able otherwise we cant see who voted for what.

Ahh... I guess I can see it either way, so couldn't tell it was a closed poll. Thanks for clarifying. Guess my "Pro Tip" doesn't work here! :lol:

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Very satisfied with JB's moves. Picks would have been nice, but even more thrilled that he was able to add higher end prospects that are ready to attempt the next step (Goldy) and 1 year more developed (Dahlen) than any draft pick we could have replaced them with. 

Much better than adding some of the other younger guys that moved (Lazar, McNeill, etc). Hopefully, this has jumpstarted and sped up our "retool". 

Well done, JB, well done::D

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Hanzal and Shat deals were good returns for players that common knowledge was that they were never going to re sign with their clubs. So I would say Arizona and the Blues won the deadline from a sellers point of view.


From a buyers point of view I would say Washington won the deadline  as they filled their teams biggest need with the best player moved at the deadline. 


Many may scoff at Lazar but he will be a perfect fit in Calgary I expect he will get his game on track and that trade will be a big win for Calgary.


Cudos to JB and company though. Even if only one of the 2 players acquired pans out he will still have won his trades so I'm very happy with what he returned. Even though he gutted the heart and soul of the team to do it. Vancouver needs to go full rebuild this signals that. We now have the cap room to Re sign Bo, Tram, Gud, Miller, Gaunce so thats a big win. However there is no getting around the trajectory that we will likely go full tank next year which appears draft wise to be a good year to do it. We keep a bunch of our prospects in Utica and gun for the Calder "winning environment and all that jazz". 


2017/18 roster Tank squad!

Sedinz Granny

Bae Bo Gold

Rodin Sutter Loui 

Cram Guance Dorsett


AHL Calder Champions

Virtanen, Boeser, Gaudette, Dahlen, Aston Reese, Cassels, etc....



Bae Bo Boeser

Gold Sutter Loui

Dahlen Gaud Reese

Virtanen Gaunce Dorsett


If JB can move the Sedins at next deadline for a couple 1sts or grade A prospects we will be in very good shape for the future. With a ton of Cap space to add a star or 2 we might compete in the playoffs again in 2019/20.

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35 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

I don't agree that half of what needed to be done was to trade Miller and Sbisa.


There was no market for goalies. Even Halak didn't get traded and he was viewed by many as a more favorable backup option to Miller. If there's no market, there's no market. Now they have the option to either re-sign him or let him walk.


As for Sbisa, you're not trading him at the deadline with the expansion draft coming up. Anyone who thought we would get something of value for him at the deadline had too high of expectations. We'll be able to dump his contract in the expansion draft as Vegas will be looking for D-men.


Some fans just expect waay too much. Benning goes out and gets two great prospects and a potential 1st round pick for a couple aging players (one with a NTC), and some fans still aren't happy. You don't have to be biased to see that he had one of the best deadlines, you just have to understand trade value.


I'd also call only losing Sbisa to vegas a win.

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11 minutes ago, messier's_elbow said:

I think we won for the sellers part of the TDL. I like what Minni and Washington did as well. Funny how we are the winners this year, and last year people wanted to crucify Benning.

Yeah I edited my post.

i don't know if there's ever a clear winner every team has different circumstances but benning and Vancouver are defiantly on the winners side of TDL.

Benning did a good job with the guys he was able to move it was  nice to see. 

No picks or prospects lost a few more skilled forwards coming in and some grit. Whats not to like. 

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Huge win.


Instead of getting picks in this year's draft Benning got the team two young and, apparently, quality prospects instead. I believe Pierre Maguire did say that it's better to get prospects this year instead of 1st round picks because of the weak draft.


Also, as an added bonus, Arizona hasn't trade Vrbata yet. If he isn't it moved with much better stats than last year this vindicates Benning from last year. 


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1 hour ago, RogersTowell said:

I'm not giddy over the TDL moves, but I'm not really upset either.  We lost some significant assets in Burrows and especially in Hansen.  Both are two way players that are all about hard work.  Hansen could have been our #4 scorer if he'd stayed healthy and is a very solid two way player.  He'd have been a pricey signing to renew his contract, though, so that dilutes his value somewhat.  Burrows is similar but to a lesser extent, being near the end of his serviceable career.


The prospects we received in return are just that - prospects.  It's like receiving McCann back in a trade.  He might pan out, or he might not.  Hansen was a bona fide top 6 player.  I'd say to win these trades, both prospects need to develop into solid top six players.  So I'm 60% happy with how things worked out.  I sure hope both the players we received (and the conditional 4th/1st) pan out in the end, that would be a big win.

Except the Canucks have no use right now for an expiring contract and someone who needs a new (bigger) contract next year. That's why it is an easy win. The fact that we actually got good return for two assets everyone knew had little value to us at this time is just a bonus. 

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1 hour ago, Iced Canucks said:

I'm just praying for a top three pick at the draft and we can really get this rebuild train rolling 

Top 2 would be cherry. One of Patrick or Nico, clear #1/2. Canucks deserve some damn luck and a win at the draft!

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2 hours ago, Glory_Days said:

If I was a Sens fan, I would be even more choked at what they gave up for Burrows compared to what other players were getting.


Stafford for conditional 6th

Streit for 4h round pick

Parenteau for a 6th round

Iggy for a conditional 4th

Vanek for a 3rd and Mcllrath

Boyle for a 2nd and Froese


Yes, but none of those players are defensively responsible like Burr. And Burrows can play anywhere in the lineup. Heck, if he was asked to play in net, he would, and he would give it his all as usual.


Furthermore, only Iggy and Boyle have Stanley Cup Finals experience.

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8 minutes ago, Glory_Days said:

Top 2 would be cherry. One of Patrick or Nico, clear #1/2. Canucks deserve some damn luck and a win at the draft!

I'd even be ecstatic for Timothy Liljegren, add him into the mix with Juolevi, Stetcher, Tryamkin, and Hutton our defence would be set for a decade!

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