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for fun. who is going to make the finals. i want your thoughts too.

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Alright boyz. just for fun. which teams are going to make the finals and why? call me crazy but i love what the canadians did today. they made small improvements in areas that may actually trigger their offense. we will see. in the west i honestly think san jose is looking really good with burns on the back end and now that they have hansen, they have that extra weapon.  who do u think.....lets go!

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I've got Washington coming out of the East. Maybe the Penguins, but Crosby has won his Stanley Cup. Time for Ovechkin to hoist it. 
The West is a bit more difficult. I think Minnesota. They have an unbelievable roster at the moment. But I'm secretly hoping San Jose beats them. I'm rooting for the Sharks! 

I've got a feeling Gibson is gonna get injured and Anaheim lose in the first round :)

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