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Latest BC Poll Show NDP With Slim Lead Over The Liberals


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A Mainstreet/Postmedia Poll shows the provincial NDP with a slight lead over the BC Liberals.


NDP   - 30%

Liberals - 25%

Green - 11%

Conservatives 10%

Undecided - 24%


Its obvious neither the NDP nor the Liberals are held in high regard when they  have such low numbers.  Most interesting is the high undecided vote which is almost the same as the Liberals.





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1 hour ago, ReggieBush said:

The green party is higher in the polls than the conservatives. Interesting. 

No surprise there as the BC Conservatives are historically weak in BC politics.    We are already have a Conservative Party in power: the BC Liberals.


Any gains by the BC conservatives will come at the expense of BC Liberals.


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I straight up hate Christy Clark.  I won't vote for any party she is  a part of.  I also won't vote for a party that doesn't have a campaign promise of ending the Grizzly hunt.  I also will never vote Provincial or Federal Conservative.  I will likely have to choose Green or NDP, I don't have many fringe options in my riding.  The polls really aren't any indication though, last election the NDP were way ahead in the polls and look what happened.  With that many undecided voters I tend to think the Liberals have the edge once again, people fear the NDP's ability to manage finances.  That's my opinion. 

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I live in solid Brown and Orange country, so my vote really means nothing. That being said, I believe that just like last time, it's the NDP's to lose. As long as Horgan doesn't do anything stupid, they should be able to win.


However, with the NDP penchant for shooting itself in the foot, I wouldn't put anything past them. I do know they couldn't have chosen a worse candidate than Adrian Dix last time, so we'll have to see if they've learned anything.

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9 hours ago, bassetgreg said:

never underestimate the NDPs ability to screw up a sure thing when it comes to elections

Kinda hard when Horgan is never seen or heard from. He's hiding. That's their approach this time. NDP, Horgan should be hammering Clark and Libs. I swear NDP doesn't want to be government and are content with being the opposition.


Clark gave NDP a freaking gift when she falsely accused NDP of hacking Libs website. Instead of using it to their advantage last we heard from Horgan about it was how he was going to listen to Clark voicemail apology along with how he was consulting with lawyer/lawyers. If someone from NDP had done this to Libs they would be taking legal action and would most vocal about it. Not letting anyone forget. Media would be tearing NDP apart like usual. Notice how media has been so quiet about what Clark said like it never happened. 


What Clark said was outright slander and defamation. NDP need to wake up and sue her. Andrew Weaver took Globe & Mail to court for defamation and won.



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57 minutes ago, nuckin_futz said:

In your sig you have Boeser wearing a Canuck jersey with number 16. Not sure how that's possible with number 16 hanging in the rafters. What's up?

It's been months since I threw that up and you're the FIRST person to notice!

+ to you


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