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[MAFIA] - No Frills III (Mafia Wins!)


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Night Fall One

Final Vote Count - Round 1

112        (1) - Dr. S
TL          (1) - Zfetch
Falcon   (1) - AV
AV         (1) - 112

The following players must vote in the next round or risk a GK.

BJ, Duce, DM, Falcon, TL

Night Fall One Report

The Town, bewildered by the 'Change Up', could not come to a consensus on their Lynch target.

As a result, there will be two lynches in Round Two.

The regular round 2 lynch will be designated Vote A: and the round 1 lynch designated Vote B:

The round 1 lynch ( Vote B: ) will be between 112, TL, and AV

The Mafia, suffering no adverse affects from the 'Change Up' have killed falcon45ca.


7. falcon45ca - Vanilla TP


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