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Good hockey reads?

numb3r 16

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1 hour ago, King Heffy said:

"The Game" by Ken Dryden

"Net Worth" by Alison Griffiths and David Cruise

Read "The Game". Definitely a good look into what the game of hockey was like in the 70s. 


Didn't read "Net Worth", but watched a movie based on the events of the book. Also an interesting topic.


If you're interested in a Canuck one, "A Season to Remember" by Grant Kerr was a book about the 2010-11 season. A bit sad to read (seeing as we know the ending), but it's always nice to relive the glory days.

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Perhaps not all of the same level as some of the ones listed above, but I recently read John Scott's autobiography and it actually wasn't bad. He had some interesting stories from his youth and a pretty unconventional path to the NHL. He even had a small bit about how idiosyncratic Millsy is from his time in Buffalo. 

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