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Can People Please Stand Up and Be Counted to Offset the Loud Anti WD Campaign on Here (DISCUSSION)


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13 minutes ago, hearditall said:

No need to rush... Patience & see, use the time, contract he already has to find out if he really can give the kids an opportunity...

What's to lose by that? Are Teams lining up for his services now???

He's getting paid & we are a team in transition. No need to lock anybody up at this point. Besides Tryamkin, Boeser & of course BO Horvat, for career here as a :canucks:...

My assumption is based on th 2 being joined at the hip ( Jim an Willie) then irregardless of what happens Willie is JB's man the It is now an irrelevant irrefutable fact fact de facto Willie is going nowhere anytime soon . Next years team will have less points than this years addition if Miller resigns elsewhere this summer.

I think JB knows That he is getting maximum results from Willie an will stand pat with him. What would bother me is if he is offered another four years next year.Hence it would make good sense to extend Willie 2 more years on the cheaper side of success. 

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On 15/03/2017 at 0:25 PM, Jack Fig said:

What Blunt says is 100% true. I passed by a Skytrain station 90 minutes before the start of game 7 and I saw an over-run station filled with people with tools and gas-cans. It was not about hockey or the Canucks losing.

But don't let these facts get in the way of someone stereotyping from across the globe.


My nephew was stuck down there and saw, firsthand.  People did GET STUCK there, they weren't participating.   Idiots will idiot and usually, as attention mongers, want to do so in large crowds.  Doesn't mean they represent the crowd, just that they like to hide there.  Makes for an easier getaway.  You know, to blend in. 


People who set off bombs often do so in crowded places....doesn't make everyone in the bus station or at that marathon a terrorist?    


They aim for that.  To be able to pull off their pranks (or murder in the extreme example) without being easily identified amongst the crowd.  Duh.


I have been a fan of this team my entire life...all my friends and family too.  Guess what?....none of us, as ignorant Canucks' fans, have ever rioted.  OR know someone who has.  So where are you getting your stats from?


So we can ALL get back (and stay) on topic.  

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My problem with Willie is he is far too cautious and stubborn. He'd rather play someone he knows what he has in even if what he has doesn't give the team a chance to win. He is far too risk averse choosing safety over the potential high risk high reward player. He's someone who would buy a Camry which is a good safe car over a Ferrari to race because the Ferrari could get out of hand.


He ices the line-up in the same way. He will continually stick with a power play or a certain line because he knows it won't go sideways, but he also knows it won't produce anything. In his mind this is better then having the rails potentially come off. Now is not the time for a safe and cautious coach when it comes to giving our new core roster the valuable experience it requires to one day compete for a cup.


One could also argue he actually delays our rebuild as he refuses thanks to his cautiousness to put in any untested player unless injuries force his hand. Not once has he brought in a rookie to the line-up with a healthy roster. Once there of course the player flourishes as he has guidance from some crucial veterans, but he could have been flourishing much earlier if not for Willie.


We will see what happens in the next 11 games, but if he continues what he's been doing the whole season after Benning (bad sign for Willie btw) has to go out in public and say essentially "he'll play the youth or he'll get fired" then he won't be here best season.


I've always seen a set game plan with Benning and Linden. First it was fill the holes from the lack of prospects to get some youth to build around, compete for the playoffs building a strong work ethic in those young players, next was fill the prospect pool, then was trading the veterans to deepen the bench further. Fans understand exactly what they're doing, but when it comes to Willie even other team's announcers scratch their heads at his decisions. If I were to bet he won't be here next season. He's not the right coach for a rebuilding team.

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21 hours ago, Alflives said:

JB said our team is now rebuilding, and no longer retooling.  Willie D was the coach for the retool philosophy.  Now we need a coach for the rebuild philosophy.  

Right only CDC can make this adjustment, Not an NHL Coach with 30 Years of experience coaching ALL types of Hockey...

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On 2017-03-15 at 0:54 PM, Dr. Crossbar said:

Noticed yesterday in an article in the Vancouver Sun they used the words "biggest rebuild in franchise history." Interesting choice of words. Let's stick with that.


If this truly is the biggest rebuild in franchise history, that's obviously going to take more time than any other period of change in franchise history. 


After the 94 run, between 1995 and 1999, we went through three coaches - Ley, Renney, and Keenan. After two years of Ley, he was fired. After two years of Renney, he was fired. After two years of Keenan, a Cup winner, he was fired.


During that rebuild period, we went through three coaches, hiring and firing them each after two seasons.


In 1999, we hired Crawford and allowed him to coach the team for nearly seven seasons until the Bertuzzi incident derailed our team. But in that time period we saw the emergence of the West Coast Express and a new young group and the arrival of the Sedins.


Post Crawford and the Bertuzzi incident, we hired Vigneault and allowed him to coach the team for seven seasons. In that period we saw the emergence of the Sedins and our new young core that took us to the Cup final.


During both of those periods of change, we stuck with one coach and allowed our new eras of players to emerge both times. We had teams about to enter periods of upward trajectory.


In recent years, we turfed AV and Torts and staff. We've also watched Torts, Sullivan, and Gulutzan go on to have success. One former assistant win the Cup.


So, here we are, as the media says, in our biggest rebuild in franchise history. That's obviously going to take more time. The same type of time that ultimately produced the WCE era and the Sedins era. 


So, the major bones of contention with Willie are his deployments and giving more time to younger players. Fair enough.


Given that this is the biggest rebuild in franchise history, which obviously requires more time than ever before, Willie has one more year left on his contract. That's time for him to fix that, adapt, and produce better results. We either allow him the chance to fix it in his final year or we turf him out now and continue the revolving door of coaches and disrupt what we started.


But we have seen the emergence of Bo, Baer, Granlund, Hutton, Stetcher, Tryamkin in just two seasons under Willie. Next season we'll see Dahlen and Goldobin, likely Subban in some capacity, perhaps our 1st from this draft, maybe Juolevi or Boeser in some capacity. The new era is currently emerging.


I'm 100% fine with injecting more youth into the line-up and giving our prospects more time to reach their potential. I'm actually a big believer in putting young guys in higher calibre play so it pulls their talent forward beyond what they perceive is their ceiling. 


But this is where "time" comes into play, and not just ice time but development time and time to allow the overall process of change to take effect. Right now the focus is on the change and development of the individuals. Eventually the changes of the individuals will evolve into overall team change. 


Stetcher and Tryamkin are guys that can handle and play in that higher zone. A guy like Virtanen wasn't ready for that zone beyond his perceived ceiling. He needed a slower calibre to develop. 


So you can't just blanket young guys with the approach of giving them all tons of "ice time" and they'll all be better. Then if they're not better at the rate we expect, we then get into territory of writing off young guys that need more time and calling them busts.


And this is where Benning has been really good in giving young guys, former highly touted players, the time to shine when other teams were writing them off. If you don't give players time, you never know.


With Hansen and Burrows gone, Willie has more room to manage and fix this. It's not optional at this point in his own role in all of this. And if we do manage to deal Edler in the offseason, he'll have even more room to give younger guys their shot. 


Willie has a history of success with young players. We actually have a history of success when we give coaches enough time to succeed with younger players. We need to exhaust that by giving Willie time to make good on his final year.



Will the real Ken Holland please stand up, please stand up! ;)

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6 hours ago, hearditall said:

Right only CDC can make this adjustment, Not an NHL Coach with 30 Years of experience coaching ALL types of Hockey...

Just like many hockey players, Willie reached his ceiling as a head coach in the AHL. In the NHL he's in over his head and it shows too often.

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I would say that Van has just gotten wins in 2 of 3 and while the hawks and min are struggling a bit regardless those are better teams.  We got 8 games left and if Willie can get  since chicago a  8-3 and 7-4  record and do it with some up tempo hockey like tonight where kids are scoring then I do not think his firing is a done deal.   

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