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-Vintage Canuck-

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Disappointed in the Lack of Fire Willie chants. That needs to become a staple at home games. Enough of his BS and megna over Boucher in top 6.. and playing shutdown in the 3rd when he knows damn well the team can't shutdown a fly. Time to go Willie... look at what Boston and Mtl have done with coaching changes... Playoffs won't happen obviously but it's time to start playing the right way and thats with a new coach.. but hey what do I know.. 

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2 minutes ago, Shirotashi said:

Yeah that's fine the Sedins can play here until they retire.... we traded Bure, we traded Luongo, we traded fycking Linden himself but

nah lets let the Sedins retire here. Uhhh didn't marchand score twice while they were on the ice? He positively picked Hanks pocket

and skated by Danny and Eddie to score.

No one is taking the Sedins even if we tried

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Is it just me or is every goal against us lately starting from a dumb play from the Sedins? WTF was Daniel doing? So frustrating.


Also to the user who said the Sedins have been playing better defensively I give you exhibit A as to why that's not true.


I think I should just bookmark this post.

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Just now, CRAZY_4_NAZZY said:

It makes me laugh how much Willie is such a moron.


Megna has gone 15 games without a point and finds himself beside the top best players on the team. 

Yup Willie figured they would jumpstart Megna's wicked offensive skill is he his known throughout the NHL for ..... ummm wait 

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Just now, -Vintage Canuck- said:

"We didn't play well enough. Too slow. Not making the right plays. We were lucky to be in that game when we were." - Henrik

"We didn't play well enough". 


Speak for yourself bud.

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Why do people keep insisting on firing Willie?

It's not the coach it's the team, how many more coaches do we need to go through for idiots to realize this? AV and Torts are both doing well since they left Vancouver so that should tell you all you need to know right there.

This team is going to suck for the next 4+ years just like Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Chicago etc. did until they got elite talent in the draft and rebuilt around them

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