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[PGT] Bruins @ Canucks

-Vintage Canuck-

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3 minutes ago, Bo053 said:

Why do people keep insisting on firing Willie?

It's not the coach it's the team, how many more coaches do we need to go through for idiots to realize this? AV and Torts are both doing well since they left Vancouver so that should tell you all you need to know right there.

This team is going to suck for the next 4+ years just like Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Chicago etc. did until they got elite talent in the draft and rebuilt around them

It's the low-hanging fruit. 


Forget that the team was expected to be a bottom-feeding 65 point group WITH a productive Eriksson/Sedin line.  Forget career years from Bo/Baer/Granlund.  


It's always the coaches fault when you lose... could've always done something different.   

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2 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Megna on the second line.  Pedan in the AHL despite Larsen stinking it up every time he gets into the lineup.

Bo and Baer didn't play so well with that plug on their line , they got hemmed in and couldn't get the puck,Megna's a player on a totally different page

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other than the third, was a good 40 mins.


bruins played like they were more desperate, didn't think nux matched their intensity in the third, esp after failing to kill that penalty. 


this is the team we have now. Not good enough, too many holes, too many rookies and vets slumping other than Miller. 


liked some flashes granny has with sedin.  That's something to build on.


tram looking good for the most part. Edler was not so good, even though he scored. 


Shore looks pretty good, other than the bad penalty.    

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8 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

"We had been battling hard as a group, tonight we were individuals. Tough to win like that. We have to get better defensively." - Daniel

You don't have to look too far.  Just look in the mirror.

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Lots of good, lots of bad from this game for now and for the future:


Firstly, we're half an AHL team essentially playing try-outs for next year it seems.


1) Sedins had their best game in a very long time, brilliant first 20, good second 20 and terrible last period defensively. You can see they're getting tired later on in games yet there they are getting their minutes pushed hard by a stubborn WD. You've got old veterans, they've played well in the first half of the game yet there they are defending a young star in Marchand right to the end. No wonder they're going to lose a step on him eventually. That was stupid coaching to put the twins out time and time again. You have to know what you have in your players - Horvat would have matched up FAR better against Marchand, yet WD goes with the Sedins. Bad coaching move by us. On the plus side, at least both their minutes were well down. Just bad matchups by us, especially considering we have the late change.


Granlund played a hell of a game, he's got a fantastic shot and brilliant hockey IQ but I was really impressed by his defence and back-checking tonight. Kid's going to be a consistent 20 goal scorer which is what this team needs going forward.


2) Horvat and Baertschi had some good looks tonight but they really need someone like Eriksson to help clear up space for them. Set up Megna nicely a few times but that kid has less finish than Hansen and is too much of a tease - generates chances with speed but will never finish them at the NHL level consistently. We need to leave him as a 3rd/4th line winger at the very best but his PK abilities really isn't enough and he's not big and strong enough for the bottom-6. He has to go next year, ideally stay in Utica.


3) Feel bad for Sutter who's playing 17 hard 2nd line minutes essentially, killing penalties with an injury. The shot clearly isn't there. Worst of all he's playing with AHLers on his wing and has no real chance, but still he was good tonight and sound defensively against some pretty weak competition and matchups.


4) Shore had a good game IMO. Unlucky penalty that shouldn't have been, but a lovely pass to Edler for his first assist, and he was dogged on the puck tonight - won a few battles off Marchand, had a few good passes and a couple good shots - all that considering he must have been jetlagged. I think we've got something in Shore and it'll be interesting to see what he can do once he's rested and used to our systems. There's lots of players moving in and out of the team right now but I think you have to give them a decent chance for a few games once they've settled and I think Shore will be a consistent NHLer. 3rd line potential for next season.


5) Labate was shut down pretty early, Cramerossa had a few good shifts but I really don't think either of these guys bring enough to the table consistently. No offence, a little bit of physicality but not good enough defensively or on the PK to stick consistently. AHL or gone next year. Labate as an enforcer isn't a bad option but I'd rather a veteran or even Dorsett etc.


6) Chaput is the real wild-card, I think he has the skill to play in the NHL, is quick enough, he just needs to bring something. Whether it be more offence or start killing penalties and play with more grit, he's a real borderline NHLer and could be a good addition to a 4th line if they need some skill, if not a 13th forward. Gaunce brings the size, physicality and PK abilities with zero offence whereas Chaput has a little bit of skill but not really the other attributes which is why I'd rather Gaunce over Chaput on our 4th line.


7) Boucher finished with a team high 5 shots and like Shorty said, he's got a very hard, quick shot that often finds the net despite traffic. I think there's something special there, we just have to work on it similar to Shore. These guys are both fringe-NHLers so hopefully with a good training camp they can find some offence to help contribute as tertiary scorers. We really need 10 goals from both of them if they're going to be useful at all to us.


8) Stecher had his worst game as a Canuck. Not sure if he's sick or what but he boggled every pass, turned over the puck almost every time he had it, didn't generate any offence either. Worst game for him. Hopefully he's just sick and can get over it. Terrible.


9) Edler had a classically up and down Edler game. Brilliant in the first half, a real star-quality goal there and closed down Marchand for most of the night despite Stecher struggling hard. He's his best at around 24 minutes but he struggled later in the game as per usual as the rest of the team does as well. Definitely not his fault, tonight he did more good than harm though.


10) Sbisa had a similar game, very good at the start but then as Boston put on the pressure he absolutely crumbled. Those 2 Marchand goals were all Sbisa's fault. More bad than good from him tonight.


11) Hutton on the other hand had a brilliant game and IMO he was our best player tonight. Skated fantastically, almost every pass was tape-to-tape and he got out of the D-zone with ease tonight, started a lot of rushes without much help. Best game I've seen from Hutton in a while and he's stringing a few good performances together lately which is a fantastic sign. I really wouldn't trade this guy away just yet because he may well be our next best lefty.


12) Tryamkin and Biega were rock solid tonight. Biega had a brilliant game, was rough to play against all night and threw the body smartly. Tryamkin played much more reserved but the duo were never caught defensively and got the puck out up the ice easily every single time - granted they played against much easier competition.


13) Gotta feel bad for Miller again, made some good saves, didn't get too many A-grade chances against but the top-6 for Boston overwhelmed the defence eventually and just out-played us in the final period, Miller wasn't at fault for any of the goals really.


14) We simply got out-coached tonight. Our top players were beating Boston's top players in the first 40 minutes, then their top players trumped ours and WD didn't have an answer. They've got a good interm coach over there and we've got a pretty simple one. 




TL;DR - Edler had an above average night, Granlund and Hutton and Tryamkin and Biega were fantastic, Stecher and Sbisa and our AHL forwards stunk it up but this was a coaching loss. 4 goals against in the 3rd period for a team that's 15-1-2 or something after leading after 2 against a weak fringe playoff team and bad road team is pathetic. WD didn't have his boys ready to play in the 3rd and never adjusted or set the proper matchups and Boston won the matchup game easily despite being on the road.

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Willie needs to be fired for pulling the goalie every single 2 goal deficit. Tired of that $&!#. Now it looks like we got obliterated by the Bs. And you gave that rat asshole the hat trick which was inevitable if you pulled Miller. 

Henrik was soft on the 4th goal defensively. Maybe he lost the puck in his feet because that's the only excuse there. Looked like a player steadily drifting out of this league.

Sbisa being Sbisa on the 5th. Very soft effort on the puck. Shouldn't Willie be consistent and bench him for that? 

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Just now, Jack Fig said:

Learning how to wave the white flag. 

To be fair, Bo led the way with almost 21 minutes of ice this game. 


No points, -2.


I'm not sure sweeping away the Sedins and putting it all on his shoulders is the best call just yet.

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2 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

"We didn't play well enough. Too slow. Not making the right plays. We were lucky to be in that game when we were." - Henrik


2 minutes ago, SergioMomesso said:

The Sedinary sure disappeared quickly in that game. Only about 95 games left until they retire. 

For me this is the most dispiriting loss of the season. And that is saying something. I actually hated WD pulling Miller down two goals late in the third --just asking for a Marchand hat trick. I don't mind the loss, even though climbing the draft pick ladder probably is not going to make much difference this year. But letting Marchand get a hat trick really hurts. But, hey, we're still contending a playoff spot, might as well take some risks.


The Sedins combined with Granlund for two very nice early goals, but they were terrible in their own end pretty much all game and especially in the third period.


They have been great players for the Canucks and still very good for 36-year-olds. But obviously they are no longer legitimate first line players. and are barely good second liners. They can score at a legitimate second line level, but are not good enough defensively. Next year they will be grossly overpaid at 7 million each of course, but they only way they can actually help the team on the ice, in my view, is to play protected minutes --i.e. fewer minutes, less PP time, never for key defensive zone faceoffs and not against the other team's top line if that can avoided. Combined with Granlund maybe they can still be a decent scoring second line if played in that way, with a good shutdown third line to take the tough minutes.


I have always hated the Benning strategy of trying to build around the Sedins to make a playoff push every year. The Canucks won't be good again until they can rebuild around a new young core (and that does not include the "foundational" Brandon Sutter). I guess even Benning has finally gotten that message -- three years too late.

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The vets are a detriment to this team. Sbisa, Edler were horrid defensively, Sedins were good in the O-zone terrible in the D-zone. No fire and we seemed disinterested in winning the puck battles. Willie continues to play Megna in the top 6 when there's more capable candidates than him. PP is unwatchable. And I don't know why everyone keeps falling down so easily! We let so many guys just walk into the zone and get a good shot. This team sucks, but the system we play is terrible. Have no idea what our defensive structure is, we just blindly dump the puck anywhere on the ice, and on odd-man rushes we only have three guys. Horvat line was off (Hmmm, I wonder why Willie), just a terrible game. Even though it's good for the tank I don't want to see us playing like crap and playing a system that is counter-productive. Allowing 40+ shots a game is unreal, kept giving the puck away for no reason. Getting embarrassed by BOSTON of all teams is pathetic. And for some reason there's still bandwagon fans from 2011 still.

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Granlund what a nice pickup by JB. Seriously he's made all good trades so far. Lack has stumbled in Carolina, Granlund and Baertschi are impact players, even the McCann deal isn't looking too bad, Gudbranson will be better next year. Great idea signing Miller and everyone hated that. This year's trade deadline. JB is a great GM, a great scout, we are very lucky to have him. 

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