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Why is Miller being overplayed... for no good reason?


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29 minutes ago, Heretic said:

So Miller has played 45 out of 69 games and you consider that "grinding"/over playing?



Not only that, during this stretch he hasn't played on back-to-back nights.  The schedule right now is pretty gentle.  No back-to-backs until the last game of the season.

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I'd expect Willie always planned to use Bachman for the second game of back to backs and otherwise ride Miller while Markstrom's out. Miller has probably said he can handle the load if he's playing every second night. So Bachman comes in for the second start whenever we have two games in two nights. Otherwise it's Millertime.


And while Bachman was excellent in his one start, Willie isn't going to break with his planned goalie rotation just because our 3rd string guy plays great in a single game.


It's not sustainable to play Miller this much over a season. But it's pretty much what every team does when they have a goalie injured. They ride their top available guy and use their 3rd stringer only when they have to (like back to backs).


But I suppose the above all falls

under the "for no good reason" heading, so I'll try to come up with some alternative explanations:


1) Willie feels like he doesn't know what he has in Bachman.

2) Bachman isn't familiar with the systems.

3) Bachman left some stuff in Utica.

4) While Bachman saved 43/44 in his last outing, Willie didn't like his goaltender's hustle when skating to the bench on a

delayed penalty. So Bachman is riding the pine until he learns to give a full 60 minute effort.

5) Bachman's been given an extended "change up" (the rarely used goalie version requires a full week of debauchery), so he'll barely able to sit up and stay conscious on the bench most nights, never mind actually play.

6) Bachman stole Megna's spot in the buffet line and so Willie is punishing him accordingly.

7) Bachman is a Trump supporter. Willie couldn't care less about the politics. However, Trump's anti-moustache discrimination doesn't sit very well with the coach.




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10 hours ago, hearditall said:

lol   another coaching thread...  give it up...

Moved it to proper thread for U. this is going to be :towel:

Your a busy dude or dudett.. Defence Councillor or sumpthin' ?

Funny how all these questions are related to Desjardins.. please, make it stop.:blink:

But you can't, it won't,. try try try, and cry cry cry,.   Obviously what that towel is for. 

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Funny thing is, I don't drink,. Rarely have.. 

And your nobody that could even get me started to.

I do like your new profile pick though..:)

It suits you,. Your BiG runny snivelling nose going on with all these WD questions and comments.

Good thing you have lots of towels. ;) 


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23 minutes ago, SilentSam said:

with all these WD questions

Which Questions??? I don't Question WD that's U & the haters do enough of that. I just see the whole picture instead of taking the easy way out like someone in denial...:wacko: 1st sign of a problem...:shock:

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I'm pretty sure miller's not complaining about ice time. He's a professional and wants to play and wants to win. I'm also pretty sure that he's not asking "why am I being thrown to the wolves here?" He understands the game and when you're on a team that doesn't have the options yet.


 you want to play to help the team win. What's the point in throwing a guy like demko out there to showcase at this point in the season, on a brutal schedule against top teams where the team's going to get beaten up. "We going to give the fans what they want. Call up demko. He can start against the Blackhawks, or get the second game on the sharks back to back." That's throwing a guy to the wolves. The coyotes game is a winnable game so you want your #1 guy out there. That's the way it is

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2 minutes ago, hearditall said:
6 minutes ago, hearditall said:

Which Questions??? I don't Question WD that's U & the haters do enough of that. I just see the whole picture instead of taking the easy way out like someone in denial...:wacko: 1st sign of a problem...:shock:

SilentSam responds:

What problem? The only problem I see is you thinking you "see the whole future".

Your inept to questioning things, more like an alter boy pounding on a bible screaming god is great.

.. yes I question WD and his deployment of players. 

But your not the one who can answer these questions,. And as a matter of fact, you don't.

You come up with ridicule, sarcasm, or the almighty "God is Great" defence for Desjardins.

... and your obsession is ridiculous.

The questions here are for discussion, as are the answers,. whether pro or against, there is always something new to realize from it,. 

Youve become heretic, almost to the point that your crying out for help.. and perhaps you did by trying to start your own "ALL WD LOVERS AND HATERS" thread.(got locked).

... Oh, wait for it..

 what was that about denial?



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I would think that if and when Markstrom returns, Markstrom should get the majority of the starts.

Especially at this point in the season, with loss of vets to injury, or attrition, and to weigh on our youth in transition.

Miller has been stellar, but personally, I would rather have seen the 50/50 split in goaltending  this season.. in the very least we would define who is the asset to keep, and who might be the one to move.

Hard to see Markstrom as the starter next season, but that may seriously be the case if Miller goes  to UFA. 

I get the notion of wanting to creating a "winning atmosphere" in games..

But there is such a thing winning the battles in a game, playing to strengths, working through mistakes, and giving assignments.

The more attention and time that would have been paid to this type of development this season.. would have been less time for next.

Benching, or not having the confidence in a player this season,. In this case Markstrom.. may prove be a set back next season.


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3 minutes ago, hearditall said:

Why u hate people that have more success than U? That pretty pathetic too..

Where the phk you get that from?

.. I just read a quote of yours in another thread, and complimented you on it.

..and NOT to play some kind reverse psychology role with you.

And then this,. More Garbage.

... hopefully someone has brought to your attention the possibility you may have a bi-polar disorder?


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29 minutes ago, xereau said:

I think the real question is, why was Demko not called up?  Call him up, and play him. This was the perfect opportunity for him to get a real taste.

He's just starting to contribute in Utica. Let him play 100% there with Bachman keeping Marktrom's seat warm. Bring him up too early and you have the chance of messing with his confidence.


Why is everyone in such a hurry to rush prospects into Vancouver?

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