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Crosby destroys Methot's finger with slash

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Methot (hand) is expected to miss "weeks" after his finger was slashed by Sidney Crosby in Thursday's game against the Penguins, Bruce Garrioch of TSN reports.


No penalty was called on the gruesome play that severed the tip of a finger on Methot's left hand. Given the return timeline -- in the best case scenario -- there will be just a couple of games left on the regular-season schedule by the time the defenseman is ready to return



The thumbnail is fine, but know the video is a little more graphic than than the gif in the OP:


While I certainly understand the "this same slash happens all the time in games" argument, there's also the responsibility of the player to be in control of their stick and not cause injury. If this had been a similar injury off a high stick, there would for sure be a suspension. I'd prefer this to be a stricter penalty during a game (double minor? major is too much probably) but to end up with no call and to lose a player for the rest of the regular season hurts Ottawa.

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1 minute ago, CRAZY_4_NAZZY said:

Gross, very unfortunate, hope there isn't a lot of nerve damage to that finger.


Wonder it its possible for glove manufacturers to put more padding around the finger area to protect from slashes. 

Or players could just not be douchebags and stop slashing each other. Honestly it's not like clean body checks resulting in injury (that's part of the game). But you can't call slashing a part of the game just because it's always been done. There's literally no point to slashing anyone else other than to give yourself an unfair advantage during a play.

I say phase it out. 4 minute double minor for slashing, 5 and a game if it causes visible injury. Retroactive fine if a slash that's called for a penalty ends up in an unseen injury, like fracture or break. You'll see it phase out real quick.

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