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[Signing] Vancouver Canucks Sign Forward Brock Boeser

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14 minutes ago, S'all Good Man said:

Interesting. I'm just going off the scouting stuff, where he sounds like a good PP guy: https://www.independentsportsnews.com/2017/03/12/2017-nhl-draft-profiles-juuso-valimaki/

Yeah he was running the PP when I was there. I could see Bennings thinking on stocking up on more D and then moving and D man for a more "NHL ready" top 6 forward prospect rather than drafting one. It will follow his model.

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55 minutes ago, Green Building said:


Cue the reactions to Brock getting X minutes of ice time in his first NHL game the day after being eliminated in double OT.

I know right log on to be able to celebrate some good news with other fans and those guys always show up.  If only there were an IQ test to sign up to the forums ;) 

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41 minutes ago, S'all Good Man said:

I'm just happy to see the kid show up, the rest of this year is just about getting his feet wet. If he doesn't fall down 3 times per game thats fine by me. 


Stecher was a great signing, but this one might just attract other college FAs as well. You know, not to put too many expectations on Benning for the rest of the summer :P


I'm just curious how the TO media is going to spin this into a negative. 

They will be upset that he is wearing #6. They will take that as disrespect that he is wearing Toronto's Ace Bailey's old number.........the only #6 to ever be retired in the whole NHL!

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