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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs Anaheim Ducks Mar 28,2017 07:00PM


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30 minutes ago, RJ39 said:

Nice GDT! Question for anyone who sees this post thought. Does Reid Boucher fit into future plans or is he gone after this season? Just thought i'd ask because he's playing on the 4th line.

If they let him go it's because of something other than his ability to play hockey.

Kid has a killer shot.


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14 minutes ago, higgyfan said:

Who knows eh?  I mean...didn't Bo start on the 4th line?  I am hopeful that they will re-sign him and give him a chance to work with the Nuck training staff throughout the summer.  It would be interesting to see what he could do if he were in tip top shape.


Right now, there are too many forwards that need to be protected at the expansion draft, which leaves Boucher and Gaunce unprotected.  I guess it will be a wait and see scenario.

That is true!Then again Boucher isn't Horvat. But it would be great for him to come back next season with a summer of working with the Canuck training staff under his belt!

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Just now, cbdoubleu said:



Vancouver Canucks Powerplay Unit 1

Skater 1 Skater 2 Skater 3 Skater 4 Skater 5

Vancouver Canucks Powerplay Unit 2

Larsen as a QB? that's as bad as Weber was, and Goldy at the blue line? I have to see this.

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