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2 hours ago, morrissex95 said:

Size and defensive zone coverage are his issues.


We won't be able to fix his size, but his defensive zone issues will be fixed and polished under Travis Green in the AHL. He's a project player but looks to get much better. 

He's a project player. He has very little trade value 

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1 hour ago, morrissex95 said:

Erik Karlsson was a project player... 


Mark Jankowski was/is a project player. Putting up almost a PPG in the American league. Looks like a promising NHL player. 

Did you seriously just compare Subban to Karlsson? Lol.


Karlsson was a 15th overall pick who made the NHL as a 19 year old.  How exactly do you qualify him as a former "project player"  


I fail to see the relevance of the Jankowski reference.  Are you saying he has huge trade value? 

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