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10 Canucks could realistically hit 20 goals next season


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16 hours ago, *Buzzsaw* said:

Yes, this year the pucks haven't been going in... but next year...  things are definitely looking up.


Look at the list of players who could easily hit 20 goals:


Horvat  (has a lock on a 20+ goal season next year)

Baertschi  (going to get better with Horvat and Boeser)

Boeser  (4 goals in 8 games as a Rookie!)
Sutter  (playing with a bum wrist all year)

Daniel  (this year was not typical... can do much better with a stronger defense breaking the Sedins out of the zone)

Granlund  (at age 23, still improving, can beat 19 goals easily)

Eriksson  (this year was not typical, 20 goals easily within reach)

Boucher  (5 goals in 26 games this year, also only 23)

Goldobin  (a longshot, but really just scratching the surface of his potential now)

Rodin  (another longshot... but still possible)


I think Canuck's offensive potential is much greater than people realize...  by the way, I didn't include Jonathan Dahlen.  B)

I agree with you that any of them have the potential to score 20.

Of course, not all of them will, but I think it's feasible that perhaps 5 of them could in a season.

I personally don't think Boucher will stick next year - I think the competition will be too stiff and that of the young guys, despite his upside, his game is the most lacking in balance (perhaps aside from Goldobin, who is younger with more upside imo).

Rodin - it'll be interesting to see if he's back - if he is and makes it, it probably decreases someone else's chances.

I'm gonna guess Horvat, Boeser, Granlund, Sutter and add my longshot, Virtanen into the mix.

I think Baertschi will fall short because he'll serve more as the setup guy on that line, but his assists could surge.

I think Eriksson will be/could be close, but again, like Baertschi, I think he'll wind up more a pass-first presence.

Daniel - I think he'll be high teens, but he and Hank will make a 20 goal guy out of Virtanen.  If not Virtanen, Goldobin (or 20 shared between them).


The homer fools game:

Baertschi 15 Horvat 24 Boeser 25

Eriksson 16 Sutter 22  Granlund 22

Dank 17 Hank 8 Virtanen/Goldobin 20

Gaunce Chaput Dorsett


5 x 20 goal scorers, but no one hits 30.

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19 hours ago, *Buzzsaw* said:

10 Canucks could realistically hit 20 goals next season


Goldobin  (a longshot, but really just scratching the surface of his potential now)

Rodin  (another longshot... but still possible)

So, more like 7 or 8? We're a long way from 10, and Dahlen will likely not be in the NHL next year.

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Sorry but were being way too positive.


its also possible none get to twenty of our scoring is so balanced. We have a lot of third liners but no real threat outside horvat and maybe boeser.


JUST LOOK at the time capsule thread ...I read it today and i had to cringe at all the posts about the sendins and Erikson combining for 200 pts....

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21 hours ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

As we build up a surplus of skilled, yet smaller fwds, a deal or two will need to be made. Jimbo has to work some magic.


Need a skilled PMD.

Also, another skilled fwd with some size & grit.

Signing Alzner & Kane(2017 & 2018 summers) would be nice, though.


I'll predict we have about 6 20 goal guys, next yr.




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20 hours ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

I'd rather land a top center in this draft, move Sutter, and get whichever center we land in this draft (assuming they're ready and look good in camp) into the lineup with some somewhat sheltered minutes. Sutter is a good player, but I really don't think he's what we need right now. I don't really like the idea of Goldy, Granlund, or Boucher playing significant minutes with someone who isn't traditionally much of a puck distributor. 


Also, it seems to me as though extremely high end young players are needing less and less time to marinate before making the jump. Honestly, I think it's become overstated, especially in this market, where we're still not really used to picking near the top of the list. 

I think it depends on the quality of the player and how strong the draft is.  For the Matthews, Laines etc there are still the Dylan Stromes, Mitch Marners, Puljujarvi's who don't make the NHL straight out of the draft.

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Sounds like the Where do you think the Canucks will finish thread this year, where most had us in the playoffs. Projections are hard because most of these players will probably get injured at some time during the season. Projecting 10-20 goal scorers is overating them quite a bit.

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On 4/9/2017 at 0:52 AM, nuckin_futz said:

20 goal scorers are greatly helped by feasting on the power play.


Power plays are greatly helped by defencemen who can bomb the puck on target.


Our defencemen are an impediment to the success of our forwards on the power play.


I see no more than 3 20 goal scorers next year.



Edler has shown he has a bomb. He just doesn't seem to want to shoot.

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everyone is so sold on boeser as the next nucks sniper

he's barely played at the nhl level

i will be very happy to be wrong about this, but boeser will not score 30 goals next season

and is very unlikely to even score 20

other teams ignored him as a late season rookie addition to a bottom feeding team


what will happen when teams notice him

and game plan for him
i'm sure bo has noticed the huge difference that makes

as he fell off the table offensively when other teams chose to focus on him rather than the sedins

good thing he got his points early

or he would not have passed hank for the scoring lead this year


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