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(Discussion) Swap 2018 picks

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I have a very simple idea to satisfy people who want a tank for 2018, and people who want a playoff push.


We could swap 2018 1st round picks with one of the other crap teams such as NJD, DET, ARI, COL.


That way we wouldn't have to tank, but we could also get a high pick.


Of course this could backfire completely if we do end up being as bad as this year. We wouldn't have our pick and we would finish near the bottom. Also, if one of those teams ends up being good, we would get a crap pick. On the other hand, if we end up being near the playoff bar, we could actually try to win, but get a high pick at the same time.


This is just for fun as I doubt any GM would take this risk. But what do you think? 

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i do this in NHL17, choose random team with garbage goaltending and subpar defense and try to get their first pick at the start of the year.

It doesn't work out all the time... Anyways this is not a video game so I think this isn't a very good strategy lol

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