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Tòpics you wish would go away


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Anything about being a "real fan" and "bandwagoners".


Real fans support the team, no matter what.  - No, real fans critcize the team when they need to. - Oh, you're not a real fan, your second uncle is not born in BC and your firstborn is not named Trevor blabla. Things like that, you know.

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Burrows thread / Mafia threads / I refer to myself in 3rd party threads / Election thread / And any depressing thread about murderers/rapists and the like(as if every news article needs to be posted in off topic)

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How about trade proposals: Mediocre player or whipping boy for top prospect, high pick or a good player rumoured to be on the market...


The other GM's will definitely behave like in some video game...


Chasing after any high profile free agent, no matter what the situation, is another 'good' one.

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