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[Proposal] ARI-VAN; DAL-VAN

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EDIT: Clearly I was out to lunch on this one.. thanks for the feedback guys and gals!


*Assuming the draft stays in the same order (ie COL picks 1st, VAN picks 2nd, VEGAS picks 3rd, ARI picks 4th)*


To Arizona

2nd overall pick

LW Sven Baertschi

SJS 4th


To Vancouver

4th overall pick

LW Max Domi

MIN 1st (27th overall pick)


*Arizona moves up in the draft and gets a Swiss duo of Baertschi and Hischier. They are set up front with their newly found Swiss duo in addition to Keller, Strome, and Dvorak*

*Vancouver moves down in the draft but gains an expansion-exempt forward and overall more offensive-minded player in Domi. Domi, also a feisty player by nature, played together with Horvat in London in their junior days and have unreal chemistry.*

*The premium that Arizona pays is the better player (Domi) and the 27th overall pick, which the Canucks can use on a forward like Robert Thomas or an offensive-minded blueliner like Conor Timmins. There is also an option of packaging the 27th overall pick with our own 33rd overall pick to move into the top 20 of the draft and possibly select a defenseman like Callan Foote or Juuso Valimaki*

*At 4th overall, the Canucks can select a variety of offensively gifted centres, such as Casey Mittelstadt, Gabe Vilardi, Martin Necas, or Cody Glass*


*Combining this trade from a previous trade that I proposed that had a positive reception from the CDC fanbase... link: http://forum.canucks.com/topic/382042-proposal-dal-van/*


To Dallas

D Chris Tanev

G Jakob Markstrom 


To Vancouver

G Kahri Lehtonen

8th overall pick


Draft C/RW Gabe Vilardi with the 4th overall pick (ARI 1st)

Draft C Elias Pettersson with the 8th overall pick (DAL 1st)

Draft D Conor Timmins with the 27th overall pick (MIN 1st)

Draft G Jake Oettinger with the 33rd overall pick (VAN 2nd)

Draft LW Jonah Gadjovich with the 59th overall pick (CLB 2nd)


*Future Canucks*

The Canucks will have a speed and skill game. Pettersson, the highly-skilled two-way centreman leads the offensive charge down the middle, with power centre Horvat and two-way centre Gaudette providing additional offense and making life miserable for opposing forwards. Skilled wingers in Vilardi, Dahlen, Boeser, Domi, and Goldobin can provide speed, goal scoring, and playmaking. Virtanen, Gadjovich, and Lockwood also provide additional speed and skill but also much-needed physicality and grit along the wings.


Transition defense and swift puck movement define the Canucks group of defensemen. Juolevi is a potential #1 defensemen who oozes hockey sense. He can shutdown the opposition, move the puck with ease in all three zones, and quarterback the powerplay. Timmins is the #1 defenseman of the first place OHL team Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds. With his skating, he can rush the puck up the ice or use his vision and passing to move it. He has the puck skills and playmaking ability to quarterback the power play as well. Timmins has the potential to be a top-4 defenseman similar stylistically to Ryan McDonagh. Puck movement and offensive play continues with Hutton and Stecher who can also hold their own defensively. Gudbranson and Brisebois provide size and solid defensive play. Gudbranson also brings physicality.


Between the pipes the Canucks have two goaltenders who both can be legitimate #1 options in Demko and Oettinger. 


This completes the philosophy of one Mr Jim Benning, who believes that this team should be built from the net out with depth on defense and excellent centres down the middle of the ice.


Dahlen - Pettersson - Vilardi

Domi - Horvat - Boeser

Virtanen - Gaudette - Goldobin

Gadjovich - Sutter - Lockwood


Juolevi - Timmins

Hutton - Gudbranson

Brisebois - Stecher

(plus Tryamkin if he comes back)




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On the AZ one I don't think they do that. its a lot to give up for 2 spots and I think they're pretty high on Domi. Plus I don't know that Viladri drops to 4 and if he does, Domi and Vilardi vs just Hischier and Sven.... I think they stick with what they have. But if we got say Domi and Liljegren out of the deal at the end of the day then I think that would be very palatable. 


But I like the Dallas one if we get a 2nd there too, otherwise we're just trading KL for JM and I think Marky is the better goalie so we should get more for him. 

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If it helps to envision it, start with just the picks in your request. A team trading a first to move up 2 spots in the draft is feasible. Firsts have a lot of perceived value, but each slot is worth a lot once you get that high. Note that neither is the 1st overall, which often has a significantly higher perceived value. 


So: 2nd overall   for   4th overall + 1st


That leaves you with Domi for Baer and a late 4th. Which is... significantly less feasible. 


Honestly I think the best trick when proposing a trade is to make a trade that seems like it is slightly in the other teams favour. It helps overcome the instinctive bias that we have towards our own players. Often ends up with something a lot more realistic. 

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3 minutes ago, ForsbergTheGreat said:

You really think Domi + a 3rd is worth Tanev and the 2nd overall pick? 


Just saying that ARI is not going to trade this guy unless they get a ton back. Just like we wouldn't trade Horvat. If we want Domi, we're going to have a to pay a steep price. 



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Just now, NUCKER67 said:

Just saying that ARI is not going to trade this guy unless they get a ton back. Just like we wouldn't trade Horvat. If we want Domi, we're going to have a to pay a steep price. 



I agree it's a steep price but team need determines the value.  Canucks value Horvat so much because he's are top young player and we have zero players in the system that could replace him, our cupboards are really bare still.  Domi is a good player, but he's could be expendable as the yotes are loaded with young talent, which keeps them from asking the moon in return.  Sort of like the OIlers when they moved Hall and the Av's and how there going to move Duchene/Landeskog.  


I agree that the OP's offer isn't going to happen, but if we were to take out the 4th overall, it would be fairly close in value.


2nd overall pick + Baertschi + SJS 4th for Domi + MIN 1st (27th overall pick)


Although I still wouldn't make that deal from either teams perspective.  We're still rebuilding and need a offensive center and Yotes have two top prospects up the middle with Strome and Keller (so no real need for Hischer or Patrick).

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Now for the Arizona one, if that was the 1st overall pick going back I could see it, BUT!!!


We'd have to add our 2nd as well + possibly the CBJ 2nd and even then you'd probably have a better chance of getting either Strome or Dvorak back over Domi


I'd do the Dallas trade in a heartbeat 

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2 hours ago, NUCKER67 said:

haha, so ARI is going to give us their 1st, MIN's 1st and Domi for Baertschi and a couple of picks? That is a non-starter.


More like:

to ARI - Tanev + our 1st

to VAN - Domi and a 3rd

I'd love to have Domi, but not at that price. Tanev for Domi straight up I would do though. 

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