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Predictions to results of NHL Draft Lotto

Beary Sweet

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Now last year, I was disappointed with how the balls turned out as we ended up dropping but this year, I'll be prepared for the worst considering it was the 1st year last year they implemented the lottery but I will also be hoping for the best just like most of you here. So my prediction to what the lotto could turn to be are:


2. Vancouver 

3. Colorado

4. Arizona

5. New Jersey


now with us staying at 2, we are guaranteed a Patrick or Hischier depending on who Vegas picks. Assuming they go with the consensus #1 in Patrick, we would nab potentially the best player in this draft in Hischier which our franchise and team could use really bad considering how poor our offense was with Granny, Boeser(came in late in season and shined), Bo, Baer, Goldy and Boucher with Sutter, Eriksson, Crammer earning honorable mentions. Some of our young D in Stecher, Tram and Hutty were also bright spots this year and we saw how they've taken their game to the next level and continue to improve with every game of experience in the NHL. Marky wouldve been getting more starts if it hadn't been for Miller's performance this year and with a heavy workload, I believe he can shine. Anyways, on topic, Hischier is the type of player that this fan base and organization would welcome with open arms and I really believe he is NHL ready. He has solid tall frame and he has room to grow also. He has good ability to change speeds in all 3 zones wherever he may enter with the puck. Also love his puck control and how he protects it always while trying to create plays for his teammates and if he can't find them, he can create them himself. That was definitive in his WJC performance this year along with a dazzling Prospects game that has sold me on this kid that he could potentially be taken #1 along with the fact that he has also posted 86 points in 57 games with Halifax this year has made a strong case that he should be considered the #1 in this draft. No matter what happens this weekend, we are going to end up with a great player in this year's draft and hopefully the balls go our way. Cheers everyone

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