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[Proposal] Canucks 2017 draft day

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Based off what we've seen who has a better chance, Goldobin or Drouin? Drouin proved himself good this year, and will get a high pay raise. Goldobin so far has shown to be impressive... I know it sucks to say this, but I'd rather do a trade with Tanev plus whatever pick or lower level prospect for Drouin.

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Tampa is a team I see as a potential trade partner. They are built to win now and may be willing to overpay a bit to get Tanev. But, as we are in "rebuild" mode, I don't see JB giving up that many picks. 

Furthermore, If Glass is available at fifth, I'm taking him all day long. 

I would like to see a deal made with Tampa for their 1st so we get a shot at Nick Hague.

Although I can't see Goldobin as an option in a deal right now, if I were offering up that deal, I'd be going for both, their firsts in 2017 and 2018.

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TO TBL: Tanev + Granlund

TO VAN: Drouin


Tampa get a shutdown defenceman that they need and a pretty skilled decent two-way winger to replace some of Drouin's offence. They can throw in a late pick if they want to even numbers up.


TO PHI: Gaunce + 2nd round pick 

TO VAN: Konecny


Philadelphia are getting a top center, either Hirschier or Nolan, so Konecny suddenly becomes dispensable. He may end up a top-6 center, he may not, and sure he's undersized but I think he'd have success in Vancouver. Philly get back a big strong bottom-6 player in Gaunce and a 30-something pick (remember Konecny was only 24th overall himself, going for a former 20-something overall pick and 30-something pick - if they want more they can have Gaudette instead).


Canucks get two small, skilled forwards. Start building around them, add size from now on and draft defencemen.


5th overall pick - take Heiskanen or Makar or Vilimaki. Ideally Heiskanen is still sitting there.


Future core when we're ready for the playoffs:


Baertschi - Horvat - Drouin

Dahlen - Konecny - Boeser

Goldobin - Sutter - Virtanen


Boucher, Gaudette are questionables. Pick up big hitting wingers through free agency/later trades when we're ready to make a playoff push (eg. Brian Boyle trade in Toronto).


Heiskanen - Stecher

Juolevi - UFA

Hutton - Gudbranson








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Correct me if I'm wrong: you want to give up on 2 of our D's + 2 - 2nd round picks (this year and next) + a quality young foreward for a mid-1st round pick and a guy who really hasn't established himself as a 2nd line (let alone a 1st line) winger in the NHL. Forget about the minors. Let's look at the numbers:






His best season was last year.

Now I read stuff like, "the Canucks need to get bigger and stronger." Drouin is only 5-11 weights 188 lbs. So what if he is only 22 yo - he's not going to grow any taller.

This 'throw out the bath water with the baby in it' logic doesn't make any sense.

Drouin may very well become a quality middle 6 winger - but definitely not a 1st liner.

You want to go after him, then fine, but not for a king's ransom.


To Vancouver:

Drouin + 1st round pick (#14)


To Tampa Bay:

Tanev + 2017 2nd round pick (#58 via Columbus) + 2018 5th round pick.


We've already lost Tryamkin to the KHL and now you want to give away 2 more D's? Doesn't make sense at all. What the Canucks will have to do this year and next is to rebuild their defense core. Careful drafting and trading will help. Don't get me started on trading picks and prospects for old guys; we've been down that road far too often.

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