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Hit of the year by Alexander Edler

Goat James

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26 minutes ago, -AJ- said:

Hit of the year might be overselling it just a tad.


It was a good, clean, hard hit; something Edler should do more often.

Edler was playing like that at the beginning of the year before we had injuries, our depth got hammered and he was sheltering a rookie.

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Just now, Hutton Wink said:

Maybe it's the uniform -- can we trade him to Team Sweden?  Could get a nice haul.

Don't understand what's happened to his game at home..  that fire seemed "out" most times last season.

Ive been proposing we move him, espescially during this past season.. 

But for the benifit of the doubt..  

          A new Coach.    A Team that will be grittier,. we know Edler can't fight,. But he has had no one to back his physical game up.. Bring in Pedan, Gudbranson, LaBate, Dorsett types and drop Edlers TOI to around the 17-20 min mark,.  And do not overplay or stack his minutes in the 3rd period.

Maybe his game normalizes..   ??    

Maybe Edler is a victim of player deployment (past coach's name withheld) in the name of "Winning",. and playing a player outside of his strength and into a weakness of stacked 3rd period minutes?

We know Edler can be a beast.   Can a new Coach find that again?

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It's amazing what playing for one's country can do for some people. He's definitely capable of doing that more often, but given our D tends to be decimated I'm not surprised he hasn't shown as much of it the last few years. Can't afford to be injured when guys are dropping all the time.

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