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Canucks will win cup in 2025, Horvat wins Conn Smythe


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On ‎5‎/‎7‎/‎2017 at 2:04 PM, sam13371337 said:

ive come to terms with the fact this franchise will never win a cup in my lifetime (and im still in my late 20s).  So should you.


its been 50 years now.  And they couldn't be farther away from a cup if they tried.   This franchise is absolutely hopeless.  and I have 0 confidence that this "management" team are the ones that are going to build a cup team.  


they have been chasing their tails for 3 years and counting.  trying to "make the playoffs" when the entire universe (including my 4 year old nephew) could tell that this team was loooooooong overdue for a teardown.   3 years of Wasted years/ aging assets and here we are. now they want to "rebuild".


but even the "Rebuild" doesn't come across as honest. It just seems forced. because linden would have faced certain ridicule from the entire universe if he opened his mouth and the words "playoffs" came out of them again.   I don't buy it.


until this team gets a competent management. who clearly states their goal is a Stanley cup. And actually shows it with their actions (Ex. not signing Eriksson to 6x6, or trading away high picks like candy) then there might be room for a little optimism/light at the end of the tunnel.  I personally don't see it though.  at least not with linden in charge.


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3 hours ago, Bo053 said:

most people currently on this forum is probably going to be dead before the Canucks win a cup.

Maybe in 2070 in their 100th season.

If you're under 30 you may be lucky enough to still be around

I was born the same year as the team so we're in a race to see if they can win 1 before I hit the dirt.

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If and I mean "IF" this team ever gets a first overall in a good draft year (you know that generational player,another PAVEL BURE)or even goes up in the lotto draft.B.S.

then and only then will we see the talented players needed that every Stanley Cup winner has had.

no star players no cup.





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On 5/7/2017 at 2:02 PM, Rollieo Del Fuego said:

Seriously....I see no reason to not expect a contending team as soon as Juolevi is producing...that will give us at least 3 D. who can produce points (Stecher and Hutton) and one of Subban or McEneny could be the fourth D. producing points.

The kids we have now will be ready by then as well....say the year after next ...so 2019....2020 at latest and we are back in contention...I .say 2021-22 could see us back in the finals.


Baer / Bo / Boeser

Granny / Vilardi or Glass / Goldy or Rodin

Virtanen / Dahlen / Rodin or Goldy

Guance / Gaudette / Suter


Juolevi / Gudbranson (or Dahlin)

Hutton / Stecher

McEneny / Tanev



That's a very good lineup IF all those players develop as we hope.

But I doubt that our lineup would be made up of only players in our current system.  We'll likely draft 2 or 3 more high picks, at least one of whom could be a more impactful player than anyone we currently have.  Who knows, we might finally win that elusive #1 pick and get a generational player in the next year or two.  

Then there's the fact that the Sedins and their big salaries would be off the books, which opens the possibility of our acquiring an impactful free agent.

I think it's highly possible that we'd be back in contention by 2020, never mind 2025.  But I don't think the team would be led by Horvat.  Love Horvat, but it'll be guy with a higher skill set.  But we haven't met him yet.

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