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[Proposal] Some moves

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1 hour ago, Patrick Kane said:

As are 99% of the proposals on here.


Actually many Detroit fans believed that it was a fair deal. Nyquist isn't a 30 goal scoring, 70 point winger.


They make a combined 10.4M. The freed up cap allows them to add significant upgrades to their team. Markstrom is already an upgrade, they could also add a 1B option such as Elliott, and make a run for a UFA defender.


Jakob Markstrom - 27 years old
16-17: 2.63 GAA, .910Sv%
15-16; 2.73 GAA, .915Sv%

Kari Lehtonen - 33 years old
16-17: 2.85 GAA, .902Sv%
15-16: 2.76 GAA, .906Sv%


Antti Niemi - 33 years old
16-17: 3.30 GAA, .892 Sv%
15-16: 2.67 GAA, .905 Sv%


So, no, Dallas gives up two HORRIBLE goaltenders, not even backup worthy, with a combined cap hit of 10.4M, for a 27 year old potential starter who has put up much better numbers over the last 2 year on a bottom 3 team and free up around 6M~ cap in the process.


You can't compare this deal to the one you suggested. Markstrom and Miller are good goaltenders, and the Canucks aren't even competing. Lehtonen and Niemi have wasted 2 years of Dallas' cup window, and cost them many regular season and playoff games.


Stetcher >>> Johns

Dallas was ready to spend 10M on goal tending - it was budgeted.  

Markstrom is too unproven.  They are better off going after Bishop or Fleury.  Even if they buy out both Niemi and Lehtonen - it still puts them at under 10M before adding a backup.  So they are still spending roughly the same amount on goal tending but funds are simply allocated differently and they don't lose an asset.
A reason to make the deal is if they really need that cap space but do they?

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