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Pepe The Frog Is Dead


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5 hours ago, -AJ- said:

To my knowledge, this isn't the first time this guy had had problems with his character. It's ironic that a character that a leftist person made became the mascot for the far right, and Pepe's inventor has tried to change that in the past. Looks like he resorted to "killing" it, as though that could possible deter anyone.

Gotta give the guy an "A" for effort.  This is just his way of washing his hands of the whole thing I'm sure.  Can't say I blame him. 

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8 hours ago, -AJ- said:

I've got no problems with Peterson. I'm not sure if what I said somehow implied I did. I enjoy listening to him speak and lecture on free speech and psychology from time to time. He's a breath of fresh air in our culture.

I misunderstood you, sorry about that. I enjoy listening to him as well on Youtube and agree he is a breath of fresh air. 

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