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[proposal] Trading down draft pick

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54 minutes ago, canuckswincup8 said:

Van trades:

#5 oa

2nd rd pick


Arizona trades:

#7 oa

#26? oa (minnesotas 1st rd pick)




Canucks draft bpa at #7  and drafts one of thomas, yamamoto or hague with their late 1st rounder.

Not seeing this as an improvement for us, but rather us going backwards.  The Yotes need to give more.

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One of necas vilardi glass mittlestadt heiskanen makar is guaranteed to still be there at #7. Hey even if canucks want pettersson or lilljegren theyll be available at that spot too. Theyre all in the same tier. Canucks get to have arizonas other pick in this deal which will have greater chance of nabbing one of hague yamamoto thomas or other surprise fallers.

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I don't think that's incentive enough.   If the picks ahead of us make it likely we'll still get who we want at #7, I'd consider:


#5 for #7 and #34.

#5 and #58 for #7 and #26



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10 minutes ago, Zhukini said:

There's really not that much of a difference between 5th and 7th though no?


Id be very happy with this 

Glass, Liljegren, Heiskanen could be up with us as soon as next season (2018) and while not a 1C Glass and Bo could potentially be a decent top 6 C pair, and who knows, things may turn out that Vilardi drops - doubt it but you never know, its not inconceivable that Mittlestadt is ranked by a team higher than Gabe and Colorado needs D. 


That vs.... some smallish wingers and one big D project? I dunno, you could be right but the much surer bet to me is see what drops to us at 5th. By 7th the potential for top pairing D and maybe Viladri or Mittlestadt is gone. 

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Actually, I think regardless of what people think about the Value of these picks, Arizona would say no. Not sure we'd be willing to propose that either though. This draft has a Top-2, and then a Top-10. It's honestly a crap-shoot as to how the #4-#8/9 picks will fall. Why would Arizona want to drop from a late first into an early second where there will be a definite drop in quality when the player they'd want at #5 might even fall to them at #7?


Depends entirely on which player they prefer, and if they like them that much, but is there even such a player in this draft that John Chayka is in love with and thinks will be amazing that the pundits don't really have any love for? Possibly, but also probably not.

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