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[Proposals] Tampa - Washington

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Non-Canucks proposal from a Canuck fan.


Personally I'm in the camp that doesn't think Ovechkin would or should be traded.  But for fun, here is my proposal if he was to be traded.

To Washington: Jonathan Drouin, Ryan Callahan (after physical exam for health- otherwise Johnson or Palat), 2017 first round pick (#14)

To Tampa Bay: Alex Ovechkin


Why for Washington: In this deal, the Caps get a very young potentially elite player to replace Ovechkin in the lineup.  I don't see them parting with Ovie unless they get a very high potential player in return.  Callahan is also a strong character player, who can be a solid piece of a competitive team when healthy.  The first round pick is also a very valuable asset, either to build with or to use to re-shape the roster this off-season.

Note: Ryan Callahan is supposed to be near back to health.  He would need a physical exam to prove it for this deal to happen.  Or maybe Tyler Johnson or Andrej Palat is exchanged for him in this deal.

Why for Tampa Bay: By adding Ovechkin, they end up with two of the top players in the entire league.  Tampa had an off-year but have a lot of great pieces, and a combo of Ovechkin and Stamkos is nearly unstoppable.  They would need to add a player or two on defense, but essentially create their own Malkin-Crosby type pairing to compete with the Pens.  The salaries of Callahan and Drouin (when he signs his new RFA deal) are more than the cap hit of Ovechkin


Overall: Personally I think this is fair value for Ovechkin, and the type of deal that he would get.  An elite young player, a solid veteran and a top pick.  The main reason why I see Washington not going for this is that Tampa is in the East.

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2 hours ago, Nicklas Bo Hunter said:

they have an issue with Cap so makes no sense to go and get ovie. 

The new contract of Drouin plus Callahan is going to be far more than the amount Ovie makes.  They save money with this deal.

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On 5/12/2017 at 6:00 PM, BaerToBo said:

Tampa with a first line of Ovechkin-Stamkos-Kucherov lol

Exactly.  Even if they pay big for Ovechkin with Drouin, Callahan and a first (which is realistically the price you'd have to pay for a multiple time MVP winner), it is completely worth it for Tampa as they become unbelievably scary

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If Tampa does this, they'll have like a 2-3 window to compete for Cup.  After that Ovechkin will actually be a 3rd liner.  


If they want to go for it all, then they should do it.  However, they are overpaying by a LOT. Ovi isn't even worth a top tier prospect at this point because of age/health.


However for those 2-3 years, Tampa will be insanely effective on PP and offense in general.


Imagine a PP of







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