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[Proposal] With Juices Contract Up Do The Canucks Bring Him Back?

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If we lost Sbisa to LV and then traded Tanev or Edler, I wouldn't be opposed to Bieksa on a 1 year deal as a #6/7. I don't see it happening though. 


Also, I believe he has 1 year remaining on his contract. It has been speculated that Anaheim may buy him out so they don't have to protect him in the ED (he has a NMC). So he could very well end up a free agent after this year.

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Bieksa could be the PERFECT FA signing to provide mentorship. 


2yrs @ $4M would probably entice him.


Pair him with guys like McEneny, Hutton, Brisbois, Juolevi.


I think Bieksa will have better offers from better contending hopes  but ya, I'm all for Bieksa coming back


Atleast this time around he isn't expected to be or looked at as a "core" player anymore


Would we give him a NTC?

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what we need =younger, faster and can provide offence.

what bieksa brings = older, slower has never been much of a PPQB and has never had much of s shot.


I liked Bieksa 5 years ago.  This team needs to move on and resist the temptation to phone ex girlfriends,  the love affair is never as good second time around. 

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2 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Sure you find a 36 year old Finn that can get 94 points and we can sign him....

Any suggestions? 

He even got 80 points in 73 games as a 40 YEAR OLD


That is a 90 point pace.  Which is insane.

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