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2 weeks of Important upcoming NHL dates

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14 minutes ago, Fanuck said:

Isn't today the deadline to ask players with clauses to waive for expansion draft?

Yes.  Teams have until 5pm ET today to ask players to waive.  They have until the 16th 5pm ET to answer.  

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One detail not on the OP list is 3pm this saturday (18th) is the time when no more trades can be done with any other team than with Vegas and that runs thru until 8am thurs June 22nd. 


So if Tanev is going to get moved, its going to be this week or right before or during the draft. The drama of waiting to hear Bettman say "we have a trade to announce" after the 2nd pick might be too much, CDC may need a collective sedative. Particularly if 3rd oa ends up going to Toronto :lol:


There's also a signing freeze on during this time. I don't know if that includes RFA's under contract (i.e. Horvat) but if it does its going to be like that NASA blackout period when the moon missions went around the dark side of the moon, except for 5 days. 



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