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CDC Puck 2017 Expansion/Entry Draft

Master Mind

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37 minutes ago, thejazz97 said:

@JE14 has the final two picks, resulting in needing to make four selections.


Thanks guys for another stellar draft! Pretty sure almost every pick in the 4th was traded to someone else (half of them to me :ph34r:).


@wallstreetamigo and @Herberts Vasiljevs and @Phil The Thrill also need to make one selection. 

@Mr.Miyagi is included in this group as well.

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Thanks to the commish team @somethingvery @Captain Azzy @Master Mind and newly added @thejazz97 for a fantastically ran draft! Me and @Cramarossa were going to go bonkers the way the final two rounds went. Nuts! Thanks to everyone too for making it quite a memorable experience. We are excited to add 3 talented prospects that have star potential and helps ensure that the team will have a bright future and if they put a good impression with the team that drafts them in training camp and put in the right situation could all play as early as next season. We'll assume though that will be with their respective junior clubs 

#22 Kristian Vesaleinen

#88 Adam Ruzicka

#123 Ian Mitchell


we are elated to welcome them into the Kings organization and looking forward to how their road to the NHL pans out! Cheers everyone for this offseason!

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3 hours ago, Phil The Thrill said:

with the missing pick Flyers select Zachary Lauzon

This pick was made after the RL 2nd round began - therefore the pick is void, and PHI will get a 2018 5th instead. (Pick cannot be traded).

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