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2 hours ago, High and Inside said:

It won’t be long before Lind is called up. Another goal tonight and this kid is on fire. 

Nah Mack fits better in bottom 6 and Virtanen deserves a top 6 look with Bo. 

Also don’t want to risk ruining Linds confidence. We aren’t exactly playing well right now.  Let him and the other young guys marinate till next year. Utica is a good team and it’ll be good for all the young guns to be in a winning environment and get playoff experience there. 

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Look at Linds progression in Juniors.  PPG went up a steep curve for three years.  Really think this year is a step to next year.  He is not done let him play, learn and develop.  Bring him up for a look this time next year when he has hit the next level.  I do not think he is close to done.  

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49 minutes ago, Ray_Cathode said:

Well, last year he was minus 10 and this year just minus 2 - interesting how his +/- tracks his improved play.

I recall Pat Quinn telling us that  he battled with Bure to come back deeper in his own end …. and good things will follow. Youngsters are prone to be playing too high in their own end thinking breakaway but as a rule that's not how it works out. If you're playing high generally it's to the opponents benefit

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6 hours ago, Warhippy said:

it's nice to go back 40 pages or so and see all the ridiculous proposals from people using him as a toss in.


Loved watching him in Kelowna and still think he's a Patty Sharp lite Comparable

I have no doubt Lind will be fine. He's basically Pearson's replacement but I hope he'll get a few shots in the big club till then

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