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Another goalie with the last name DiPietro? 


Maybe this is why Benning didn't draft Glass so he wants to avoid the Irony of drafting a goalie called DiPietro and a guy called Glass in the same draft year. 


Benning decision vindicated ^_^ 

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8 minutes ago, 70seven said:

Fantastic pick!


yes he's under sized, but he's probably goalie with the most natural skill in this draft.  


7 minutes ago, DeltaSwede said:

Just like I predicted! 


DiPietro with the 3rd round pick.


Smart pick.


5 minutes ago, BananaMash said:

Great pick.

Agree this is another solid pick. Might have a couple of guys on Canada's WJC team to root for this year. His is short for a modern NHL goalie but he has played well in big situations. And the Canucks could use another good goalie prospect in the system.

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Well - I would have preferred lipanov here but solid solid pick and insurance/motivation for behind demko. 


Hes Also a champion goalie ans

has the mental fortitude to win a championship - great things. 


Like the pick!

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18 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

I like the fact that we have another high end goalie prospect in our system. 


Just in case Demko doesn't work out, we at least have a backup plan now.

Depth even if redundant is not a bad thing. Goalies don't always turn out, and even if they do you need a back up and can move them for something else. Having someone who's won at every level isn't a bad thing either.


14 minutes ago, MJDDawg said:

An Italian in goal. 


My world is in balance again.


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Best pure goalie talent in the draft but not the size of most goalies today in NHL.   Was probably the reason Windsor won the Memorial Cup so clearly can play on a big stage.   He will most likely be 1 or 1A for Canada's WJ team next year so will be interesting to see how the next step goes for him.    Playing style reminds me a lot of J Quick.  

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Remember goalies take a while to develop.  Dipietro won't be ahl ready when demko is nhl ready.  Will be our ahl goalie after Garteig. 


Nice potential with this kid.  Really like the pick. 

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Watched him play in the under 17's. He was incredibly athletic and made some amazing saves.


Glad to have him in the fold, also, he looks like a great interview judging from the draft when his buddy Vilardi was picked.

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