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2 hours ago, TGT68 said:

Remember goalies take a while to develop.  Dipietro won't be ahl ready when demko is nhl ready.  Will be our ahl goalie after Garteig. 


Nice potential with this kid.  Really like the pick. 

There is a three year gap between them which is enough that they shouldn't cross paths in Utica. If everything goes according to plan Dipietro should arrive in Utica around the same time as Demko cracks the Canucks. I absolutely loved the way this kid played in the Memorial Cup. He really did remind of Jonathan Quick. Very impressive.

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I was able to watch him play 4-5 times. Once during the regular season and the rest during the Memorial Cup.


He definitely isn't big and he does look a little small in the net. However, he makes up for it with his athleticism. He reads the play well and anticipates where shots are coming from. His rebound control is considered to be pretty good for his age. He's very quick and mobile within his crease and moves side to side very efficiently. He is quietly intense in the net; he doesn't scream at his teammates or the officials but he battles extremely hard. In every single one of the games I watched, the commentators couldn't stop praising him. He was usually a big reason why they won the game. The games I watched he played against London, St. John, Erie and Seattle. Those are all very good teams. He seems like a very intelligent, quiet and humble person that would fit right in with us. 


With all that said, there are obviously some things he needs to work on. He said it himself in his draft interview that he needs to learn to calm down a bit in net. I mean that in the sense that he often attacks the puck when making a save. It is great to watch and he often makes up for it with a spectacular save, but it's not the most efficient way to play. Players in the higher levels will eat him alive for some of those mistakes. Given his size, I would also be a little concerned about how he fares with bigger, stronger players around his net in the AHL. His defense in Windsor was one of the biggest in the CHL and that likely helped him a great deal in tight to his crease. I think that will take him a while to adapt to. 


Overall, I think this is a great value pick. The development timeline lines up pretty nicely with Demko's. Having strong goaltending at all levels within the organization can do wonders for the development of other players. His performance in the Memorial Cup was outstanding and hopefully he can continue that through to the AHL and eventually the NHL.  



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Here's Brock Otten's profile for DiPietro. He had him ranked the 7th best draft eligible prospect in the OHL (and top-45 overall in this draft):



7. Michael Dipietro - Goaltender - Windsor Spitfires
No question, Dipietro is one of the better goaltending prospects to come out of the OHL in recent years. About the only thing he doesn't have going for him is size. At 6'0, Dipietro lacks the height and length NHL scouts desire at the position these days. What he lacks in physical stature, he makes up for with elite athleticism, quickness, and intelligence in the crease. Dipietro is easily one of the quickest goalies post to post that I've seen play in the OHL. He gets excellent push offs and he does such a good job reading and anticipating plays that he makes highlight reel saves on a nightly basis. Dipietro also does a great job of controlling his rebounds, limiting second and third chances. You also have to applaud his mental make-up. Since coming into the league, he hasn't missed a beat. As a rookie last year he was already one of the better netminders in the league and has continued that this year, where he was a stabilizing force for an injury prone and inconsistent Windsor team. It'll be exciting to see how he elevates his game for this year's Memorial Cup. The one thing that I will say is that as a "smaller" goalie, he needs to do a better job challenging shooters more consistently. He can't get caught deep in his net, where he's susceptible to being beaten high. There were times this year where that was happening and it's really the only flaw to his game. But he's more than deserving of being a top 45 pick come June. Just a matter of whether NHL scouts can look past his lack of size.



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Only in a league with Scandinavian and other freaks of nature is 6'0" and 192 considered "undersized". Arturs Irbe was "undersized". Kelly Hrudy was "undersized"

Manny Fernandez, Dan Cloutier, Ed Belfour, Patrick Roy, Martin Brodeur, Jonathan Quick, Cory Schneider, Braden Holtby, Ryan Miller. These goalies past and present all ranged from 6'0 to 6'2.

Pekka Rinne, Matt Murray, Ron Hextall, Steve Mason, Martin Jones, Devin Dubnyk, Jacob Markstrom, Ben Bishop are all abnormally tall individuals and generally shouldn't be considered the standard for comparison. Is it better to have a really tall goalie? Maybe, maybe not. The fact that a bunch of goalies are 6'3" or taller and really good means nothing.

Theres a ton of other really tall goalies that were just, or are plain awful. Lots of goalies shorter than 6'3" are phenomenal as well. It all depends on the player. In the end DiPietro is 18 years old and could still grow an inch or two. He'll never be a Rinne or Bishop in terms of height, but then I don't really think he has to in order to be good.

Correlation does not infer Causation.

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