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[Rumor] Canucks front runner to sign Del Zotto July 1


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Its a fine move, but I hope that doesn't mean we are out on Kulikov, Alzner or Stone.  If he gets more than 3 years, I will be a sad panda.  Here is hoping its 2 years 4M or less.  I am sure he will get around the same amount that he was making.


If we are still in the running for Kulikov, maybe this means Hutton is on his way out.  If we aren't then this is porbably Gudbranson new partner.

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5 minutes ago, Fanuck said:

So is he supposed to be our PPQB?


He made almost 4mil last couple seasons,  doubtful he takes much less than that for us.

He made almost 4 mil, but that kind of salary is hard to justify with a 13 then an 18 point season.  I wouldn't be surprised to see it for a short term, and a low salary.  I actually don't mind this idea - he has some level of talent, and would fill the gap well while we wait for Juolvei to develop.  (Or Subban/Brisebois for that matter).

1-2 years, 2.5m per - I'd be happy.

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Nurmbers don't look promising, especially the number of games played in the last couple of seasons:


CAREER STATISTICS Use/Embed statistics


 2014-15 Philadelphia Flyers NHL6410223234-5|       

 2015-16 Philadelphia Flyers NHL52491316-8|       

 2016-17 Philadelphia Flyers NHL516121828-5|       


Would have preferred a RHD like Paul Postma. Canucks are deep at LHD with Edler / Hutton / Holm / Juolevi / Biega. No urgency to add another LHD to the group.

Question: Can he play the right side ?


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13 minutes ago, smithers joe said:

if they can sign him for 2 mil or less, he'ld be a good stop gap d-man till others are ready.  

Unless Juolevi is ready.... I don't really like the pairing options. If he is paired with Tanev, which I think is most likely that means the Hutton-Guddy experiment round 2. Or if he's paired with Guddy we're going to get scored on a lot with those 2 together. 


No Joe, I don't like this at all. But I guess with Del Z's and Edlers injury history we might get a full season combined out of the two... 

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Technically, teams are not suppose to discuss money right....so technically were the front-runner base on the attraction of the city, spot available in the line-up, spot on the powerplay.....hopefully when Del Zotto agent asks for more than 2.5M we hang up the phone.


Anything more than 2.5M will be a waste.  I'd go as high as 3M on a 1 year show us what you got deal...otherwise pass.  Nobody wanted him in the past few seasons.

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