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Mafia: Confederation (Canada Day Special) - MAFIA WIN!!!

Master Radishes

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Mafia: Confederation




Charlottetown. September 1864.


The elder statesmen of British North America gather to discuss Confederation, the joint independence of the British colonies. There's a general consensus that the time is right to separate from the motherland and form a new nation: the Dominion of Canada.


However, some of the men who gather at the conference are secretly anti-Confederate, determined to stop at nothing - even murder - to prevent a break from Great Britain and Queen Victoria.


Canadian politics is about to get messy...


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Standard Rules



Notable Changes

1) There will be 4 Mafia, 8 vanilla TP, 1 Sheriff, and 2 TP-aligned roles that enable PMs. There are no other roles.

2) Every player is assigned a character. These are just for flavour and are not indicative of alignment.

3) No PMs. However, some roles will allow for limited communication.

4) Deadlines will be 10:00pm PST. However, due to the GM's uncertain schedule and time zone difficulties, round updates may be up to two hours late on weekends. Any such changes to the deadline will be announced as early as possible. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused.

5) Round 1 will be 48 hours. Further rounds will be 24 hours. However, players have the option to extend the round simply by stating Extend Round. Unvoting (in bold) is allowed. Once a majority (50%+1) is reached, the round will be extended 24 hours from the end of the round. This action can only be performed once per round. This 'vote' is separate from the regular lynch vote, and you do not need to unvote your regular lynch vote to extend the round.


Any questions or comments can be addressed to me.



Game map

Game start

Round 1 nightfall

Round 2 nightfall

Round 3 nightfall

Round 4 nightfall

Round 5 nightfall

Round 6 nightfall

Round 7 nightfall

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Historical note

I like history. I got a degree in it and I now teach it. I'm very aware that history is not as simple as people assume, that it is entirely based on interpretation and that many people and groups get overlooked and underappreciated. Despite the simplistic version you might have learned in a school textbook, Canada's history did not begin with a bunch of old white men sitting around and making all the important decisions. There are decades of immigrants, centuries of women, and millennia of Indigenous peoples being ignored through this sort of mainstream interpretation.


This is just a forum game. It is all just for flavour, since July 1 marks the anniversary of Confederation itself. But, as a lover of history, let's not forget that Canada's history is more than just the story of a few 19th century politicians.


(That said, it's still pretty boring compared to other countries' histories.)

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