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[Signing] Ducks sign Ryan Miller

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Good for MIller - and the Ducks - nice to see him have a shot at contending.


Wasn't a huge fan of bringing him to Vancouver, but he was a good Canuck - anyone that jumps Matt Martin under those circumstances is good in my books.


Best of luck to RM.


I'm also happy we're going young in the crease - Markstrom is ready and Nilsson is a great addition.  Love that tandem.

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I hope for nothing but the best for Miller. He was a true warrior for us and I'm glad he's going to a contender and to be closer to his family.


Now that they have Juice and Miller I wouldn't be too sad to see the Ducks win a cup.

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7 minutes ago, SabreFan1 said:

It's a good ending to his story.  I'm happy for him.

Yup, he's an easy guy to like and I've always like his attitude. And who knows, he certainly will get two playoff runs barring some disaster in ANA. 

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