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Politician trolls woman about her husbands suicide


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9 hours ago, Gnarcore said:

The suicide troll was in poor taste..the rest was spot on although it would have been nice to see Trudeau's many faults on the list too. He wasn't wrong on Harper though..

People pick weird  things to make a stand on these days, and none of it has to have a base in reality. Look at the over-the-top reaction to Trudeau's mistake over the weekend. The guy dumped money into AB for the fires, has supported the 2 pipelines that make sense (at direct political cost), made multiple trips, etc. yet you'd find people there that would fight you to the death over the idea that he's "forgotten" AB completely. 

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10 hours ago, gerry35 said:

Brian Sklar a former candidate for the NDP in Saskatchewan trolled a Conservative politician about her husband's suicide recently. So far not a peep from the CBC, you can bet if it was reversed it would be front page news there. 

If the situation was reversed, they would be people mocking this woman, calling her a snowflake.


This is common practice and you won't hear a peep out of the right.

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17 hours ago, gerry35 said:

 It has become acceptable to say and do the most awful things by a small but very vocal segment of the left. It's pretty shocking to see someone actually troll someone twice about something as awful as losing a spouse to suicide but there it is. II just wanted to bring this out into the open since some of the mainstream media in this country won't, I'm sure glad we have a growing alternate media these days to report what they want to cover up. I would still like to believe that most people wouldn't stoop this low regardless of what political beliefs someone would hold, hope I'm right...............



We live in a world where the leader of a free country trolled the parents of a deceased war hero.  Trolled the widows of numerous more, where Harper trolled the entire country by telling Alberta it was their right to build a firewall and shut everyone else out and who then bribed a dying man and reneged on his promise.


You cant sit and say it's "just the vocal left"


That divisive nonsense doesn't fly to anyone who is paying attention to both sides.  You have players on both sides who pull this kind of BS or are you somehow immune to Fildebrandt, Jean and the Rebel?  Did you fail to miss some of the gems Wall threw out in the last 14 months?


Again, it is not just the left.  And before you pull the inevitable strawman; at no point in time do I condone what this guy said; I find it repugnant and disgusting.  I will say though, it is VERY obvious he is in fact replying to something.  Why can't we see what it was?

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whole thing feels de-humanizing and strangely ironic


"look at this left winger use this woman's husband's suicide as a political point! how terrible! exploiting suicide for political gain ...and the liberals are letting it happen!'

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2 hours ago, Lancaster said:

D-bags exists across all political spectrum, age, gender, race, religion, culture, whatever.  

No subset has more or less..... just idiots across the board.  

This might be the most valid thing ever written on this forum 

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