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CDC Consensus Prospect Rankings - #3

Brad Marchand

CDC Consensus Prospect Rankings - #3  

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Current Ranking:

1. Brock Boeser (104 votes - 53.97%)

2. Elias Pettersson (84 votes - 44.44%)


Eligible Prospects:

Rodrigo Abols
Matthew Brassard
Guillaume Brisebois
Cole Candella
Michael Carcone
Cole Cassels
Anton Cederholm
Jalen Chatfield
Jonathan Dahlen
Thatcher Demko
Michael DiPietro
Jonah Gadjovich
Adam Gaudette
Nikolay Goldobin
Kristoffer Gunnarsson
Philip Holm
Lukas Jasek
Olli Juolevi
Joseph LaBate
Yan-Pavel Laplante
Kole Lind
William Lockwood
Zack MacEwen
Evan McEneny
Brett McKenzie
Griffen Molino
Petrus Palmu
Andrey Pedan
Jack Rathbone
Ashton Sautner
Mackenzie Stewart
Jakub Stukel
Jordan Subban
Jake Virtanen
Dmitri Zhukenov

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I voted Juolevi. Demko is a close 4th for me. Just think Juolevi is so smart and composed. He's also 6'2" or 3 and put on some muscle (200). He may be ready this season. I also love that Salo is being a mentor to him, and he's also helping Juolevi on his slap shot. He could be an excellent player for us for a long time.  

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Juolevi for me. He is by far the more valuable asset. You really don't know what you have in a goalie until you see them perform at the NHL level and I would say that until he can show that he can dominate the competition at the AHL level for a full season, he should not be called up.

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Demko for me.


Juolevi is more of a sure thing, in that at the very least he should be a very good top 4 D who plays in every situation. Likely top pairing, don't see franchise written on him though.


Demko is a bit more of a gamble. He is one of the best goalie prospects in the world, but for every one of "those" that turn into a Price or Luongo, you have another two turn into a Raycroft, or a Pogge, or a Dubnyk (Took his sweet ass time to live up to his potential).


Demko is more of a longshot, but I see top 10 goalie in World potential in him.

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Demko for me.  based on development projections. an elite #1 goalie too me has more value then a #2 d man.  Juolevi could become a #1 but i think his offensive game better serves as a #2.


whomever isn't selected between the 2 will be my next vote at #4.

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23 minutes ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

Nice to see how difficult these choices are becoming.

I think for most part, there is a general consensus of who the top 4 Canucks prospects are. Boeser, Demko, Juolevi, Pettersson (In no particular order!!).


Outside of those 4 is when things get interesting I think...Lind, Dahlen, Goldobin, Gaudette, Brisebois, Virtanen, Gadjovich, Palmu, Subban.

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4 hours ago, Zoolander said:

I voted Juolevi because of his hockey IQ. But Demko is a very close 4th.


After that, I'll be voting for Lockwood. He's going to surprise so many people it's insane

Lockwood is very good but I'd rank him 8-10 and that show's how good JB is at drafting.









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