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Mafia: Revolution - game (finally) over; Mafia win

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Standard Rules



Notable Changes

1) No PMs allowed, unless allowed due to a role ability.


2) Every player will receive a character PM. These will not be alignment indicative.


3) Deadlines will be 10:00pm PST. However, due to the GM's time zone difficulties, round updates may be up to two hours late on weekends. Any such changes to the deadline will be announced as early as possible.


4) Round 1 will be approximately 48 hours. Further rounds will be 24 hours. However, players have the option to extend the round simply by stating Extend Round. Unvoting (in bold) is allowed. Once a majority (50%+1) is reached, the round will be extended 24 hours from the end of the round. This action can only be performed once per round. This 'vote' is separate from the regular lynch vote, and you do not need to unvote your regular lynch vote to extend the round.


5) Game roles in spoiler below. There are no other roles except those stated here.


1) Two Sheriffs; only one is a 'real' sheriff.
2) Two communication enablers (temporary PMs allowed);
3) A one-shot Vig;
4) A jailer role;
5) A role with three lynch-affecting powers (each one-shot);
6) An additional private group of five players (any alignment) who have the power to decide on an additional lynch each round (via private voting in a PM);
7) The leader of the private group will have a one-shot ability to purge the group of one member;
8) A Kingpin, with protection against Sheriff detection;

9) A mafia investigator
10) Two lovers (third party); the death of one will trigger the other into becoming an SK.


This results in 8 Mafia (Counter-revolutionaries), 2 Third Party (Lovers), and 20 TP (Jacobins).


Any questions or comments can be addressed to me.



Game map

Game start

Nightfall 1

Nightfall 2

Nightfall 3

Nightfall 4

Nightfall 5

Nightfall 6

Nightfall 7

Nightfall 8

Nightfall 9

Nightfall 10

Edited by Master Radishes
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Master Radishes


1. Alain Vigneault

2. Beluga Whale

3. Milk and Honey

4. Zfetch

5. Baka

6. Blue Jay 22

7. Virtanen87

8. Aladeen

9. Time Lord

10. Armbar

11. DarthMelvin 

12. JohnLocke 

13. Intoewsables 

14. thejazz97

15. T-rex930

16. Dral

17. King Heffy

18. g_bassi13

19. J-23

20. Mufasa

21. HashtagNucks

22. DoughtysCheck

23. GoFaulkYourself

24. OurTimeToShine 

25. Stamkos 

26. Two one one 

27. Mathew Barzal

28. Ilduce39 

29. Caboose

30. Spoderman


Total: 30

Edited by Master Radishes
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GM note

That's right, we're continuing with historical themes. It's Bastille Day in two days and I'm partial to the French Revolution as a historical topic.


If you have any preference as to whether this game should trend more towards the 'role madness' side or 'vanilla' side of the spectrum, speak your piece. I won't go full RM or full V, but I'll adjust based on popular opinion.

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52 minutes ago, Master Radishes said:

Mafia: Revolution




14 July, 1789.


The citizens of Paris have had enough. After centuries of living in poverty and hunger under the repressive ancien regime, and emboldened by the new ideas of equality, liberty, and democracy espoused by the Enlightenment philosophes, a mob forms on the streets of the city and targets the most notorious symbol of the regime: the Bastille. Freeing the prisoners, decapitating the guards, seizing the weapons found within, and tearing apart the hated prison stone by stone, the mob takes control of Paris and demands immediate change. The French Revolution has begun.


Only a month earlier the deputies of the National Assembly, led by the members of the Jacobin Club, had sworn an oath not to disband until they delivered a new, fairer constitution for the people of France. After weeks of little progress, the Storming of the Bastille has finally granted them  legitimacy.


But it has also roused the counter-revolutionary factions who support King Louis XVI to fight against the radicalism taking hold of France. Several members of the National Assembly, holding secret Royalist sympathies, plan to usurp the revolution before it can find its footing and restore power to the King.


As mobs of Parisians bring forth guillotines, ready to do the bloody work of rooting out traitors, the counter-revolution works in secret to bring a violent end to the revolution.


Welcome to Mafia: Revolution.


you're such a history nerd

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1 hour ago, Master Radishes said:

If you have any preference as to whether this game should trend more towards the 'role madness' side or 'vanilla' side of the spectrum, speak your piece. I won't go full RM or full V, but I'll adjust based on popular opinion.

I wouldn't mind a little bit of role madness, it's been a while

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