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Mafia: Revolution - game (finally) over; Mafia win

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1 hour ago, Master Radishes said:

First time we've broken the 20 player mark in pretty much a full year (since La Casa Del Horror).


I think I'll aim for having a number of special roles, but not full Zodiac-level madness.


We'll get going tomorrow sometime.

Zodiac was probably my favorite game ever! So much fun

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25 minutes ago, Master Radishes said:

Guys stop, I can't handle so much hype! 




We haven't cracked 25 in a year and a half though. 

Game is going to bust after BW, Aladdin and 112 all die r1.

They should all get one shot bulletproof imo

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20 hours ago, Master Radishes said:


Master Radishes


1. Alain Vigneault

2. Beluga Whale

3. Milk and Honey

4. Zfetch

5. Baka

6. Blue Jay 22

7. Virtanen87

8. Aladeen

9. Time Lord

10. Armbar

11. DarthMelvin 

12. JohnLocke 

13. Intoewsables 

14. thejazz97

15. T-rex930

16. Dral

17. King Heffy

18. g_bassi13

19. J-23

20. Mufasa

21. HashtagNucks

22. DoughtysCheck

23. GoFaulkYourself

24. OurTimeToShine 

25. Stamkos 

26. Two one one 

27. Mathew Barzal

28. Ilduce39 


Total: 28

What is this??? The Expendables 18???

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