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Hey guys I am recruiting for a fantasy Hockey league i am helping start up. If you are interested send me a DM. 


This is how our point system goes. We start off with the roster that the team we pick have. Roster Lock is tomorrow so trades or signings today count. 


It is a tougher Fantasy league than most so please inquire if you have enough time in your day to be an active GM and have at least some Experience. 

2 Scoring

A) We will be using the H2H scoring format and a weekly roster lock, over an 82 game regular season to determine our standings.

 There will be 16 scoring categories for each weekly period and they are as follows
I. Skaters
1 Goals
2 Assists
3 Points
4 Shots on Goal
5 Power Play Points
6 Penalties in Minutes
7 Hits
8 Blocked Shots
9 Faceoff Wins
10 Short Handed Time On Ice
11 Rare Events (Shutout, Hat-trick, Gordie How Hat-trick)
12 Important Events (GWG, Shootout Goal, Short Handed Point)
II. Goalies
1 Saves
2 Goals Against Average
3 Save Percentage
4 Goalie Points (2PT for Goalie Win, 1 Point for Goalie Shootout Loss and 1 Point for Goalie Overtime Loss)

C) Goalies are also eligible to attain skater stats, IE PIM, Assists or Rare Events

D) Each weekly matchup will be scored the same way as the NHL club. 
I. Win = 2 Points in the standings
II. Tie = 1 Point in the standings
III. Loss = O Points in the standings

E) Tie Breakers
I. A Tie in the regular season will remain a tie in our standings.
II. Ties in the playoffs will use the following tie breakers
1 Games Played (5GP differential minimum) If the teams are tied after the week and the games played differential is greater than 5 games, the team with the fewest games played will be named the victor. the games played differential is fewer than 5 games, tie breaker 2 will be used.
2 Regular Season Team Points
3 Regular Season Wins
4 Regular Season H2H Record

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