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[Signing] Lightning re-sign Ondrej Palat

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Love Palat.  Such a good story how to develop a 7th round pick to become a top six forward.


Very underrated for what he does, plays on the first unit PP and PK, can play on any line as a scorer, playmaker, checker etc.


He is an important piece for the Lightning to get locked up

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5 minutes ago, Hortankin said:

Hoping Bo gets a similar contract

You gotta think Palat has done a little more than Bo... just production alone. Then again, he's 26 years old... 


I'd be happy with anything around 5 x 5 AAV for Bo. 6-8 years x 5AAV would be great. 

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Agreed with all above, this definitely helps with Horvat negotiations. Of course, the McDavid deal doesn't help (the idea is out there that players will use the argument they know they're worth less, just not $6M less) but we'll see where we end up.


Good deal for the Lightning and Palat shouldbe good value over the deal.

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